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Are Steel Buildings Earthquake-resistant?

Many people buying metal buildings have the question – Are steel buildings earthquake-resistant? The answer is yes! This is because the shock waves generated by an earthquake can cause a certain degree of structural damage to a building, resulting in the collapse of the building and causing injury to people.

80 X 150 Steel structure building for sale-Steel Building Dimensions

Steel Building Dimensions

Steel Building Dimensions is one of the factors that you must consider when buying a steel structure building. The following are our regular 14 steel structure sizes, from small store buildings to large metal buildings. But it is not limited to the following design specifications. According to your needs, KAFA’s professional design

Building Steel Structure Design-KAFA

Building Steel Structure Design

Building Steel Structure Design plays a vital role in modern architecture, with an impact that extends far beyond simple building framing. It represents the highest pursuit of structural integrity, sustainability, and efficiency. Well-designed steel structures provide a convincing appearance and show colorful performance in extreme environmental conditions such as earthquake

Coating Of Steel Structure-KAFA

Coating Of Steel Structure

Coating Of Steel Structure-The use of steel structures has become an indispensable pillar in modern architecture and engineering. However, steel structures must undergo a series of carefully designed protective measures to ensure their long-term stability and durability. Among them, the coating technology becomes a pivotal link to protect the surface

Are Steel Buildings Hurricane Proof-KAFA

Are Steel Buildings Hurricane Proof?

Over the past 10 years we have had many customers who have had this question. Are Steel Buildings Hurricane Proof? The answer is yes, properly designed and installed steel buildings can withstand very strong hurricane winds. This is because metal buildings are the strongest type of construction in the world.

metal pole barn-pole barn vs metal building

Pole Barn Vs Metal Building

Pole barn vs metal building-Pole barns and steel buildings were often outdoor structures used to store equipment, machinery and other agricultural materials. In the early days pole barn was a simple building structure, generally constructed using wooden structures. As agricultural practices evolved and matured, many farmers turned their attention to