40×60 Metal Building With Living Quarters

40×60 Metal Building With Living Quarters easily accommodates both work and living space and is the most popular building model today.

Metal Building With Living Quarters for Sale

40×60 Metal Building With Living Quarters – One of the most popular types of building today – is not only for work but also for living requirements. In addition, we also design 50×60 and 40×80 metal buildings, which are ideal for building horse farms, barns, shops, garages and homes, among others.

Many clients choose KaFa Fabrication for their 40×60 Metal Building With Living Quarters, which use metal or steel for internal support and framing and still use steel or metal for the external cladding. The performance of this material far exceeds that of concrete and timber buildings. The metal houses are incredible when ordinary houses are still comfortable.

We also design a wide range of metal buildings with living quarters and if you have any questions you can contact our steel engineers today for a quote on metal buildings.

Metal Building With Living Quarters for Sale

Why Choose 40x60 Metal Building

The metal building with living quarter is a great advantage for our workplace and for our daily living needs. Its comfort and durability are far more than enough to meet our daily needs and greatly enhance our quality of life. Although it has many points, this type of building still has certain disadvantages. Here is a brief overview of the advantages and disadvantages of our metal buildings.

Find out which type of metal building is best for you by learning about the advantages and disadvantages of metal buildings.


1. Better safety: if you live in a zone prone to earthquakes and hurricanes and snowstorms, steel houses are easier to withstand than any other material, and they are also extremely fire resistant.

2. good insulation performance: when subjected to direct sunlight, the cool tone panels used in metal building roofs can effectively reflect sunlight, and combined with our insulation sandwich, can effectively maintain the indoor temperature at a stable temperature, providing a comfortable living environment.

3. better energy performance: good lighting design as well as insulation performance means we save a lot of electricity resources in lighting insulation, greatly reducing the cost of living in the later stages.

4.Sturdy and durable: Just now, it is sturdy and durable, no maintenance is needed, it can be used for more than ten years.

Choose 40x60 Metal Building


1. Easy to produce mould: Metal structures absorb moisture very easily and can cause water marks when they are not treated properly. Mould is very easy to grow on damp metal structures, which can look very unhealthy and unhygienic, and can smell very bad and be very time consuming to remove.

2. Pay attention to allergies: some people are allergic to metal and metal paint. Metal buildings can cause irritation to such people, which, combined with the stimulation of mould, can lead to worsening allergies. This is very dangerous and generally the symptoms of allergy are: sneezing, sudden asthma attacks, fever and coughing

3. Pay attention to additional costs:Building a metal building with living quarters is not really expensive and can last a long time with proper maintenance later on. So you must maintain it carefully. For those who do not know how to carry out maintenance, there are local teams who specialise in metal building maintenance and you can consult them.

How To Build A Metal Building With Living Quarters?

The first thing you should consider when building this type of living area is the floor plan of the metal building. For example, you will need several bedrooms, several bathrooms, a kitchen location, a meeting room and so on.

The most popular is the 40×60 metal building with living quarter. Always remember to make special spaces for your children, pets, vehicles, work and sundries.

I’m sure you’ve heard of shophouses, which are integrated work-life building systems that are shops for working accommodation. This means that you don’t have to spend extra money to build a shop separate from your living area.

We can also install a loft in the shophouse to accommodate the storage of goods, which is a great way to improve the utilisation of space on a small plot of land where both work and living use is desired.

Overall, our metal building with living quarter is an excellent type of building and KAFA Steel can currently accommodate customised metal buildings of all sizes and functions (including shops with living quarters and pole barns), with free design. Feel free to contact us today.

Build A Metal Building With Living Quarters-Structural Steel Buildings

How much do metal buildings cost?

If you are looking for a metal building, you will have seen the buildings and prices of many companies, including those offered by our partner company, as metal buildings are built with a variety of options and therefore there is no fixed price. In the case of the 40×60 metal building with living quarters, this is a popular size and therefore we use it for our pricing.

This is a 2,400-foot metal building and the basic material cost is between $17.22 and $19.44 per square foot, expect to pay between $6 and $10 per square foot for a steel building with living quarters, combined with material and installation costs. You can expect to pay between $65,396 and $83,792 for the base price of a 40×60 metal building with living quarters.

40x60 Metal Building With Living Quarters For Sale

Is A Metal Building Cheaper?

Metal buildings are cheaper than other building materials and are a more cost effective type of building that can help you save more money. Often, steel buildings are prefabricated and can be easily put together for assembly, reducing construction time. And with little maintenance required, they can have a long life again. It is therefore unlikely that there will be further additional expenditure in the future. Even if the price of buying a metal kit is a little higher at first, in the long run a metal building will undoubtedly save you more money than any other building!

40x60 Metal Building With Living Quarters For Sale

Call The Steel Construction Experts

Whether you need a 40×60 shop with living quarters, a 40×80 shop with living quarters or a garage shop with living quarters, KAFA Steel Structures is the right choice for you.

Email ([email protected]) or contact the kafa team today for a free consultation on a new warehouse or other steel building project.

Our experienced steel designers will create the ideal metal building with living quarters for you.

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