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Commercial steel buildings are the most cost effective type of building and are therefore favoured by many entrepreneurs!

Prefabricated commercial buildings

Prefabricated commercial buildings designed by KAFA manufacturing company can be used for commercial purposes, including office buildings, car shop buildings, retail buildings, garage buildings, etc. Our commercial metal buildings are designed based on applications. Through our experienced teamwork, whether you are engaged in retail, wholesale or other types of business, you can implement all the custom structures required for commercial spaces.

Commercial steel buildings can be divided into single commercial buildings and integrated commercial buildings according to the building form. A single commercial building refers to a commercial building project built on an independent plot. Comprehensive commercial building refers to a building form that integrates residential, hotel, office buildings, sports venues and other projects.

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prefabricated commercial buildings Advantage

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1. Light weight and large span

For buildings with a span of more than 30 meters, if reinforced concrete structures are used, the frame columns and beams will be enlarged and densified, which will have a certain impact on the aesthetics of commercial buildings. The steel structure can meet the requirements of large-span buildings without adding columns and beams, making the building more beautiful.

2. Beautiful appearance

Compared with other structural forms, steel structure can create a variety of forms of space.

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3. Fast construction, environmental protection

The steel structure is welded and bolted during the installation process, which greatly reduces the environmental pollution of the concrete structure during the construction process. After the service life is over, the steel structure is easy to disassemble, recycle and reuse, which meets the requirements of green building.

4. Safe and convenient construction

The installation of steel structures does not require many workers on site, and the installation process is also very simple. The manufacturer completes all the building parts in the workshop, so all the steel parts only need to be bolted on site. All steel member markets have this number. Step-by-step assembly instructions are easy to follow. A small number of people can complete the construction. Prefabricated steel structures are very economical and require little maintenance in the future.

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Prefabricated commercial buildings Characteristics

KAFA’s Prefabricated commercial buildings are widely used in commercial buildings, such as steel structures for office buildings, stadiums, entertainment and tourist buildings

Scope of application

Prefabricated commercial buildings provide practical designs and beautiful metal commercial buildings at an affordable price. If you are planning to build or expand a commercial facility, our prefab steel construction kits are available in different sizes, layouts and colors to meet your needs.

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Qingdao KAFA Structures Ltd. has more than ten years of experience in metal building design, manufacture and installation. Our steel buildings are used in the industrial, commercial and residential sectors. Projects include large-span industrial plants, warehouses, aircraft hangars, steel office buildings, supermarkets, agricultural buildings, etc.

We have extensive experience in structural steel engineering, fabrication and installation. We offer a one-stop solution from the start of a project to its completion. Our professional services help our clients to reduce overall costs and complete projects quickly. We offer a range of services including budgeting and planning, detailed design, procurement services and project construction management to meet the needs of all our clients.

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Great experience, they designed the building exactly to my requirements and I would highly recommend them when I need a steel building again.
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One of the best experiences I've ever had, KaFa Fabrication went out of his way to make sure you were happy. He went out of his way to make sure we were satisfied.
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Excellent service, fast and timely response and their low prices for steel buildings.



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