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Introduction to Metal Hangar Building

The steel structure hangar  is known as short for hangar. It is a large width steel building for the storage of external facilities for aircraft. It is extremely strong and will protect your aircraft from the natural environment. It also has a modern appearance and is extremely flexible, providing you with not only parking space but also maintenance and rest areas, making it the preferred type of building for hangars today.

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Modern Hangar function

The  hangar can protect your aircraft and other important assets from the erosion of the natural environment.

Needless to say, the aircraft is one of our important assets, so the steel structure hangar has a special meaning for our aircraft.

It can be used not only to protect the aircraft, but also as a place for aircraft maintenance.

When you have a clear need, it means you need a steel hangar to protect your aircraft.

Then we need to clarify a few points to make adequate preparations for your aircraft parking and maintenance. E.g:

  • Aircraft hangar height and restriction requirements
  • The maximum capacity of the aircraft satisfies the simultaneous maintenance of the aircraft.
  • Hangar door and crane configuration requirements.
  • Configuration requirements for external fire-fighting facilities of the hangar
  • External environmental factors

With these, you can design an aircraft hangar built according to your requirements.

Steel structure hangar design

In the design process of the  hangar, the plane width and height of the hangar will be fully considered, and the load-bearing advantage of the steel structure will be used to fully reduce the load-bearing structure to obtain obvious economic advantages.

However, we have reduced the load-bearing structure of the structure, which does not mean that the steel structure hangar is not designed to resist wind and earthquakes.

The space design of the steel frame we adopted has the advantages of strong stress resistance and light structure. It can resist the impact of strong winds and strong earthquakes.


1. Large span: The space design of the steel structure frame makes the hangar span a large span, up to 60 meters, ensuring that the aircraft can move freely in the hangar without interference.

2. Fast construction: We will transport the processed parts to the destination in advance, and the construction team will simply assemble according to the drawings we provide. Installation can be completed in a short time

3. Color optional: We provide hundreds of colors according to your needs.

4. Strong anti-disaster ability: the special structure of steel structure can withstand strong winds of magnitude 10 and earthquakes of magnitude 10

5. Strong stability: It adopts various support systems such as roof support, wall support, flying support and connecting beam. Ensuring the stability of modular prefabricated buildings

As a professional steel structure manufacturer, kafa has a strong technical team, and can put forward the plan you want at any time according to your needs.


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