Steel Structure Hangar

KaFa offers a wide range of customised Steel Structure Hangar to meet all the needs of the purchaser

Steel Hangars for Sale

Safe storage of flying machines is a crucial part of aviation operations. Steel hangars play an irreplaceable role as an excellent storage solution. Its sturdy construction, advanced anti-corrosion coatings, and flexible, customized designs make it the aviation industry’s first choice. Whether it’s a commercial airport, a private airport, or a military base, these structures are relied upon for the safe storage of flying aircraft.

KAFA team, as a steel structure contractor in China, offers complete steel hangar building solutions to provide the most reliable protection for your aircraft.

If you have any needs about steel structure warehouse/workshop and other metal buildings, you can consult our team; we have rich experience in engineering and construction.

Steel Structure Hangar Features

High-Quality Materials

KAFA selects engineering-grade steel to ensure the hangars’ extreme stability and outstanding durability. This material undergoes rigorous quality testing and certification to maintain its performance in harsh environments. Engineered steel resists corrosion and wear and tear, giving the hangar a longer service life than traditional materials.

Steel Structure Hangar For Sale

Customised design

Every aircraft is unique, so the KAFA team offers custom design solutions to meet your needs. Our dedicated design team will create a perfectly tailored hangar based on your requirements and aircraft specifications, ensuring that it meets your needs and provides the best possible storage solution. Whether the size, structure or additional amenities, we’ll confirm the hangar is precisely what you expect.

Customized design options

We understand that every customer’s needs are unique, so we offer various custom design options to meet your requirements. You can choose the size of the hangar, the type of door, the ventilation system, and other aspects of the design based on the specifications of the aircraft and your exact requirements. This ensures that our hangars perfectly suit your needs, providing the best possible solution for safeguarding your flight assets.

Metal Hangar Building - KAFA

Anti-corrosion Coating

Steel Structure Hangar use advanced anti-corrosion coating technology, which stops corrosion and rust and resists harsh weather and chemicals. Through careful selection and application, we ensure that the hangar’s coatings provide long-lasting protection and extend the life of the hangar.

Fast installation

We focus on construction efficiency. We can install steel hangars quickly and efficiently with advanced engineering technology and experienced construction teams. This saves construction time and reduces the overall construction cost, allowing customers to put the hangar into use as soon as possible.

Steel Structure Hangar For Sale-Structural Steel Buildings

Applicable Scenarios

  • Commercial airports
  • Private airports
  • Military bases
  • Airlines
  • Flight schools
Metal Hangar Building - KAFA

Why choose our steel structure hangar?

Rich experience

We have many years of experience designing, manufacturing, and installing steel structure aircraft hangars. In the industry, we stand out for our excellent artistry and professionalism, providing high-quality solutions for our customers.

Excellent Expertise

Our team comprises experienced and passionate professionals with in-depth structural engineering and aviation knowledge. This enables us to provide you with customized and reliable steel hangar solutions.

Customer satisfaction is paramount

Customer satisfaction is always our top priority. By listening to our customers’ needs and providing timely communication and full support, we ensure that every project exceeds our customers’ expectations and provides a safe and reliable storage environment for aircraft.

KAFA’s steel hangars are high-strength steel with excellent pressure resistance and durability. In addition, we use advanced anti-corrosion coating technology to protect the steel from harsh weather and environmental influences, thus extending the hangar’s service life.

Yes, KAFA provides flexible custom design services to customize the hangar size, door type, accessories, etc., according to your needs. Our design team will work closely with you to ensure the final solution meets your requirements.

Due to our advanced manufacturing and construction technology, the installation of steel hangars is swift. The exact installation time will vary depending on the size of the project and specific requirements. Still, we are committed to delivering the hangar to you as soon as possible so you can start using it quickly.

KAFA’s steel hangars meet strict fire and safety standards. We will take a series of measures during the design and construction stage, including fireproof coating and fire extinguishing system, to ensure the safety and reliability of the hangar.