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Steel warehouse building is a new type of building structure system. This prefabricated building uses pre-customized steel components and is connected by welds, bolts, or rivets. It can meet commercial and industrial needs with the advantages of a large span, light structure, and short construction period. 

Prefabricated metal structures are ideal for warehouses, distribution centers, and online logistics centers. The strength and cost-effectiveness of steel are far superior to other building materials, making steel frame warehouses the first choice for many companies in the construction of warehouses.

Especially if a company grows and needs a large-scale warehouse building to store large quantities of goods, a metal warehouse is the best choice!

As an excellent steel building contractor in China, we believe KAFA can provide professional and effective warehouse-building solutions.

Why do we need warehouse structure?

As a warehouse, the most basic function is the storage, transport, and protection of goods.

Metal warehouses are constructed from high-quality galvanised stainless steel, which is extremely strong and resistant to cracking. This means that no load-bearing walls or columns are required for support, and the use of clear-span construction increases space utilization and the ability to store more goods.

Another benefit of clear-span construction is that the potential safety hazards for vehicles are much reduced when goods are constantly being moved in and out. Improved operational safety.

The unique structural design of the warehouse structure provides a high level of structural stability to effectively cope with a wide range of environmental changes, providing a strong protection capability for the storage of goods.

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steel structure warehouse advantage

Large Span: The main load-bearing components of the steel warehouse structure are made of steel. Due to the high strength and toughness of steel, it means that the steel warehouse building can not require too many column systems to support the roof and frame system. The obstacles encountered when the pallet moves in the warehouse are reduced, and the space and transportation operability are greatly increased. A factory building constructed with a clear span can be within a range of 250 feet, without any uprights, and without any obstacles.

Practicality: There are many urgent requirements for steel structure warehouses, especially large warehouses. Our steel structure warehouse takes only 45 days from installation to completion. It is extremely convenient to construct, which greatly reduces the investment cost. With the development of the business, we may face the problem of migration in the later stage. The steel structure is easy to disassemble and assemble, and the recovery rate is 100%, which is also his great architectural advantage.

Customizable: KAFA has a professional design team that can provide customized design solutions for various customers’ warehouse needs. Of course, you have to be willing to communicate with us initially to explain your needs. Then our design team will give your design plan within 3 days and provide a quotation. We provide other optional features, such as warehouse colors, styles (Single Slope, Double Slope, Two-Span, Single Slope) windows, and door styles (overhead doors, rolling doors, and scissor doors) that can be customized in height.

Safety: At the beginning of the design, we considered the erosion of the foundation by rain or melted snow. In order to prevent the foundation from being eroded, we designed a complete drainage system (drain and downpipe). Ensure the safety of use and the dryness of the goods.

Economy: Prefab steel structure is one of the most affordable buildings. The prefabricated steel structure building has a short construction period, which can greatly reduce labor costs. The steel structural components are made in the factory, which reduces the workload on site, shortens the construction period, meets the requirements of industrialization, and saves resources. Warehouse construction materials can be 100% recycled, and there is less pollution to the environment during construction and dismantling.

Easy To Construct: All components are prefabricated at the factory and then delivered for assembly according to the installation drawing destination. The installation time on site is greatly reduced.

Low Maintenance: All materials are made of commercial-grade galvanized steel, and in order to avoid accidents, we also use paint spraying to ensure the warehouse’s 50+ years of service life. If possible, we can regularly paint and spray the entire warehouse components every 3 years to extend the overall appearance of the steel warehouse and extend the service life

Beautiful: The most popular aspect of the prefab steel warehouses is their beautiful appearance, which can be customized to any desired style and, combined with its metal lines, can fully satisfy the aesthetic needs of the owner.

Strong Wind And Earthquake Resistance: Our prefabricated warehouses have a wind resistance level of 12 and an earthquake resistance level of 8, making it the preferred type of warehouse for harsh environments

steel structure warehouse design

Metal buildings are one of the easiest types of buildings to customise and are therefore used for a wide range of storage purposes.

Therefore, before proceeding with a metal warehouse build, we need to fully integrate all factors (including appearance/load bearing/interior functionality) to design a fully functional and durable metal building.

Fortunately, we offer free design for steel warehouses.

steel structure warehouse design

When designing a steel warehouse, however, the load-bearing design needs to take into account the various natural factors such as local rain, snow and earthquakes. to select the corresponding load bearing frame/steel column thickness/force transmission method required. All you need to do is provide the area where you are located and we will recommend the most reasonable type of load bearing for your building. A proper load bearing structure is an effective way of avoiding unsafe elements and is also a viable way of increasing the life of the building.

At the same time, we need to consider the practicality of the steel structure. Good lighting also enhances the overall energy efficiency of the building, and we have installed light panels and windows on the roof and in specific locations to make the most of natural light. We have also insulated the building to create a comfortable and insulated working space and to reduce the necessary heating and cooling costs.

metal warehouse buildings parameters you need to consider

1. Building Area-How much land area do you expect to use for building? Normally, the building area is about 70% of the land area. If you have 10,000 square metres of land, then the actual building area is 7,000 square metres. And our steel warehouses are normally 4.5m to 9m in height.
2. Insulation Performance Requirements-Does the prefabricated warehouse building need to be insulated, the KAFA team offers you insulated wall panel sandwiches such as EPS Sandwich Panel and Glass Wool Sandwich Panel. Ensure a stable room temperature. The comfort of the goods as well as the personnel is guaranteed.
3. Warehouse Colours-What are your colour requirements? As a metal warehouse manufacturer, kafa offers a total of more than 100 colour options in SP cold coat and PVDF cold coat to fully satisfy your preferences. Ask our designers to customise your steel warehouse to your liking.
4. Fire protection Requirements-The fire resistance of prefabricated buildings is considerably better than that of other concrete buildings, and if you have higher requirements for the fire resistance of steel warehouses. We can also provide automatic fire extinguishing systems. The safety of goods and people is guaranteed.
5. Lifting Requirements-As a warehouse, the transport and circulation of goods is one of the main functions of a warehouse. For this purpose we offer cranes (5T-30T) for the transport and lifting of goods. For this purpose, please inform us of the required lifting height and maximum weight when you require a crane.
6. Doors And Windows-Windows and doors as an essential accessory for prefab warehouses. We offer aluminium windows free of charge. For doors we also offer sliding, roller shutter and side-hung options free of charge. Of course you can also let our designers know if you have any other window or door requirements.
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Metal warehouse construction cost

In the process of warehouse construction, according to the style, type and accessories of the warehouse steel. The construction cost per square meter of the warehouse is around US$50 to US$100.

It depends on various factors. Mainly factors such as size, freight, metal prices, local policies and regulations, and local environmental conditions. It depends on the situation.

You can also contact our professional team to get a specific quotation!

The warehouse has more advantages in cost saving. Prefab steel warehouse can greatly reduce costs in the use of other ancillary resources. For example: In the construction process, the construction period is short, which saves human resources. Steel as the main structure of the warehouse, the recovery rate can reach 100%. The warehouse structure is convenient for relocation and reuse.Find out more about: How much does it cost to build a warehouse?

Metal warehouse construction-Metal Buildings

steel frame warehouse construction process

Design:This is the most important step in the construction of a steel structure warehouse. Once again you can choose the style of the warehouse and determine the height and size of the warehouse in relation to the quantity of storage.

Foundations: Once you have decided on the style of the warehouse, you will need to start leveling the storage land and providing parking for delivery trucks. Once the leveling is complete, the plumbing and electrical contractor will lay the wiring before pouring the foundations. Concrete is then used for leveling.

Installation: The frame of the warehouse will be built on a foundation, usually made of steel columns and beams, and then covered with a steel frame, after the main frame has been built. Wall panels and roof panels are installed on the surface of the frame

Systems: Once the exterior is complete, the interior work begins. First to be installed is the sprinkler system, followed by any heating and air units. The corresponding office areas are constructed as well as the living areas furnished. At the same time, the installation of the storage racks takes place

fabricated warehouse Shipping Notes

(1) Special personnel must be responsible for large lifting tools, use them appropriately, and strictly observe.Lifting rules to prevent vibration, impact, deformation or damage during the lifting process.

(2) Special personnel must supervise and check the truck’s number and packaging when loading the truck,Securely fix and increase the degree of looseness of necessary binding components to prevent loss.

(3) Maintain stability during transportation. When transporting vehicles, well-trained pilots must be accompanied by responsible personnel and leave marks on the vehicles when transporting long, wide, and high objects.

(4) Rough machining is not allowed. The loading and unloading personnel of the loading and unloading personnel should be familiar with the handling, weight and dimensions of the parts, and check the operation of the sling and wiring harness to prevent accidents.

(5) Members go to the construction site to organize unloading and stacking in time.

(6) When handling crawler crane components, pay attention to the surrounding terrain and air conditions to prevent the crawler crane from overturning and component collisions.