Steel Structure Workshop

What is a steel structure workshop?

Our steel structure workshop are specifically designed to withstand and protect your equipment and assets from the most extreme weather conditions in the world. Whether you are in heavy snow or high earthquake areas, our buildings can stand the test of time.

The steel structure workshop uses the main load-bearing components (such as steel columns, steel structure foundations, roof frames, etc.), and prefabricated metal structures with steel as the main material.

All components are pre-designed and processed in the factory, and then delivered to the destination for bolt installation.

Since all structures are pre-designed and only need to be installed in accordance with the drawings to reach the site, compared with traditional factory buildings, it can greatly shorten the construction time and save construction costs. Because of the excellent economy. This makes metal building structures the main choice for shelters for commerce, industry and agriculture.

According to the type of steel, it can be divided into heavy and light steel structure workshops.

  1. Heavy steel structure factory buildings refer to the construction of factories with a load of more than 25 tons. They are usually applied to petrochemical plants, power plants, large-span stadiums, exhibition centers, high-rise or super high-rise buildings.
  2. The light steel structure workshop refers to the use of new thin-walled profiles, which are light in weight, high in strength, occupy a small area, and the workshop load is less than 25 tons. It is currently the most popular type of steel structure building. It has been widely used in office buildings, villas, warehouses, sports venues, entertainment venues, tourist buildings and low-rise residential buildings.
Steel workshop - Metal workshop
Heavy steel structure factory buildings
Steel workshop - Metal workshop
light steel structure workshop

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Steel structure workshop

Feasibility design of steel structure workshop

After the professional design team receives your letter, we will provide you with a comfortable and safe steel structure based on your local climate change, geological type, maximum load-bearing capacity, daylighting requirements, thermal insulation performance and other factors. workshop.

Steel Structure Workshop design-Metal workshop-Steel structure workshop design
Steel structure workshop design

1. Load-bearing design: When designing, we will comprehensively consider your lifting requirements, local snow thickness, rainfall, maintenance load and other factors, and select the corresponding frame system to improve the load-bearing performance and load-bearing wall. The thickness can meet your needs.

2. Daylighting requirements: Generally speaking, the area of ​​steel structure workshop is relatively large. Taking full advantage of electric lighting will increase your additional operating costs. Our studio added custom skylights and FRP daylighting panels to solve this problem. Of course, the size of the skylight can be freely chosen. When installing the skylight, we will also ensure the coordination between the skylight and the factory building, and the joints should be waterproof to ensure the seal of the workshop.

Steel workshop window
plastics steel window
FRP light panels for steel workshops
FRP daylighting board

3. Moisture-proof treatment: For areas with a lot of rainfall, humidity is the main problem faced by many factories. Our metal structure design is filled with insulation cotton in the roof layer, and a waterproof membrane is added to the roof floor, and there are vents on the roof to ensure smooth steam removal.

4. Lightning protection treatment: You can consider whether the metal structure is safe under thunder and lightning weather? Yes, our designers considered this issue at the beginning of the design. The prefabricated metal building we designed is also equipped with a lightning protection device, which can smoothly guide the lightning to the ground and make the lightning pass through the workshop and into the room.

5. Drainage design: Drain pipes and sinks are installed on the roof to ensure the smooth drainage of rainwater, thereby improving the safety and practicability of the warehouse.

6. Sound insulation performance: The workshop is basically used as a production workshop, so the accompanying noise will be very loud, which will affect the surrounding work and other personnel. Our workshop is built in the interlayer of wall panels, which is filled with insulation cotton to prevent the spread of noise.

7. Ventilation design: In order to ensure the normal circulation of air, we use skylights and vents. In addition, we also use ventilation equipment (buildings or unpowered fans) to assist air circulation in the workshop.

Ventilation fan in steel workshop
Ventilation fan
Steel workshop - Steel fabrication

8. Waterproof treatment: You may ask, how is the steel structure sealed and waterproof? In the process of our steel structure, the screw mouth is hidden and fixed with a sealing ring, and the external connection parts are welded or sealed to ensure the airtightness and waterproofness of the workshop.

9. Insulation ability: After the waterproof and sound insulation function is designed. We also need to do a good job in winter insulation, in addition to filling the roof and wall panels with insulation interlayers (glass wool, rock wool), the second is to reduce the reflectivity of the roof layer to heat radiation. Fully guarantee the stability of the temperature in the plant. Improve the comfort of the working environment.

Durable steel construction

1. During the installation of the steel structure factory building, we strengthened the embedded parts, combined with its metal frame characteristics, can deal with natural disasters such as strong earthquakes and strong winds in the later period.

2. We have done primary and secondary anti-corrosion coating treatments for the metal structure, which has improved its weather resistance and light resistance. The roof and wall surfaces with protective coating can be used for more than 50 years.

3. When some parts of the structure are damaged, only need to replace the damaged parts with steel substitutes.

4. The factory may face the problem of site relocation at any time. The disassembly and assembly of the steel structure and the light weight feature allow it to be disassembled, transported and assembled at any time.

Durable steel structures for sale in China
Durable steel construction

Metal structure installation

The installation sequence of metal structures is generally foundation construction-steel component entry and transportation and stacking-anchor bolt embedment and re-measurement of foundation axis elevation-single-layer steel column installation-steel beam and crane beam installation-high-strength bolt construction and inspection-installation Welding construction-steel structure painting project-enclosure system installation-acceptance

Steel workshop building components

The main structure

1. Embedded components (stable main structure)

Divided into embedded bolt connection and plug-in cup-shaped mouth connection. The common connection method in ordinary steel structure workshops is mainly embedded bolt connection. Including hinge connection and rigid connection.

The shape of the embedded bolt is usually “L” and is made of steel rod. The diameter and length are determined according to the design requirements. Usually Φ24×64 mm. The tightening force of a single bolt can reach 300KN.

2. Steel columns and beams

The column beams and roof beams of steel workshop buildings are usually H-shaped steel made of partial steel and steel plates. After assembly and welding, the columns and beams welded with steel plates need to be corrected to prevent the H-section steel from deforming due to welding deformation. Steel columns and beams are usually connected by welds or bolts, which are the main load-bearing structure of the workshop.

Secondary structure

1. Purlin and wall beams

Use C-shaped or Z-shaped steel to determine the section size after force calculation. The distance between laver and the wall is generally not more than 1.5 meters.

2. Support

There are roof supports and column cross supports. It is usually made of round steel, angle steel or square tube. The support system is used to stabilize the steel frame.

3. Pendant rod

The hanging rod is connected between the nori to adjust and control the stability of two adjacent nori. Generally, the pendent rod is made of round steel with a diameter of 12 or 14 mm.

4 .Roof and wall panels

The roof panel is usually a single continuous length from the eaves to the ridge line for portal frame buildings.

Wall panels are usually the continuous length from the bottom wall to the eaves of the building.

It is usually a corrugated single-color metal sheet with a thickness of 0.4mm-0.6mm.

For a factory building that requires thermal insulation, you can choose to use a sandwich panel.

Advantages of steel workshop building

1. Easy to assemble

The steel components arriving at the construction site are all prefabricated. During the construction process, the installation work needs to layout each structure and erect it according to the installation drawing.

The installation sequence of the steel workshop building is:

First, install the steel columns and column cross-bracing and install roof beams and roof horizontal bracing. Finally, installs the purlins and enclosure structure.

2. Reasonable cost:

The steel structure workshop building is light in weight, reducing the basic cost, and the construction speed is fast. It can be completed and put into production as soon as possible. The overall economic benefits are much better than that of the concrete structure

3. Simple construction, short construction period.

The production and installation of steel structure usually involve processing all required components in the factory and then transporting to the construction site to assemble. So the construction period is greatly shortened. A 4000 square meter building can be basically installed in only 40 days.

4. Energy-saving and environmentally friendly

The corrugated color steel sheet and sandwich panels used in the prefab steel structure workshop are all energy-saving materials. The steel structure also adopts dry construction during the construction process to avoid dust and environmental pollution caused by concrete construction.

Daily maintenance and maintenance

1. After the construction of the steel structure is completed, it is not allowed to change the structure privately. If there is any part that needs to be changed, it needs to be discussed with the manufacturer, and it can be changed at the discretion of the manufacturer.

2. It is best to clean the steel structure once a year to keep the appearance beautiful, but it is not allowed to clean it with abrasive cleaning products such as steel brushes.

3. The workshop must be maintained with paint every three years to increase aesthetics and safety

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