Agricultural Steel Buildings

Agricultural buildings provide a comfortable breeding environment for livestock farming

Introduction to Agricultural steel buildings

Agricultural steel buildings are a new type of building, which is built by factory processing and on-site assembly. The main structure consists of steel columns, steel beams and steel frame structures. As all high-quality steel is used, it is more resistant to natural disasters than other building types. It can effectively protect your agricultural assets such as implements, equipment, forage and livestock. They are now widely used in agricultural buildings. The types of agricultural buildings we offer are:

Our Agricultural Steel Buildings will suit all of your needs.

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Best global supplier of farm buildings

KAFA as a global supplier of quality steel structures. We offer a full range of services including free design, production, installation and maintenance training. To ensure that our agricultural steel buildings are built to last, we use the highest quality steel materials and the most stringent production processes.

AG building for sale -kafa
Ag Building
Agricultural steel buildings for sale
Agricultural steel buildings

Durable Ag Building

All steel buildings supplied by kafa are built to last. The steel elements are protected with the finest steel materials and anti-corrosion coatings. Even when exposed to humid air, there is no effect on our steel elements. Furthermore, the agricultural buildings are constructed using jointed elements, which can be easily replaced in case of damage.

Our agricultural buildings offer excellent protection against wind, earthquakes, lightning, pests and ageing. There is no need to worry about damage to the building caused by clothing.

Why is it that agricultural steel buildings should be chosen?

Agricultural assets are the most valuable assets of agricultural producers and their protection is particularly important. Our agricultural buildings can provide efficient, long-term protection for your farm machinery and livestock products.

  • Outstanding pest resistance

    KAFA offers agricultural buildings that use steel as the main material, which greatly reduces the space for mosquitoes and insects, preventing livestock from being exposed to them and causing the spread of disease.

  • Excellent thermal insulation

    We can insulate walls and roofs to ensure year-round comfort with a constant temperature inside.

  • Large span structures

    Agricultural buildings require wide, unobstructed spaces, and steel buildings can provide column-free structures up to 250 feet.

  • Fast delivery

    We offer the fastest delivery times. Typical times are between 4-6 weeks

Customizable agricultural buildings

When kafa provides you with the corresponding steel structure, it will ensure that your individual customization needs are met. We will base on your current regional climate change, rainfall and snowfall levels. Customized design for you to meet your local conditions of agricultural steel structure warehouse. Of course, you can also choose by yourself, the size and shape of the warehouse, the color of the roof, the size of the skylight, the style or position of the door, the lighting and ventilation system, and the insulation layer. If you have more needs, please contact our professional sales team. They will help you choose the best construction plan and make sure to give you the best agricultural steel structure building.

agricultural steel buildings - steel agricultural buildings prices
Customised agricultural steel buildings
Farm buildings - Customised steel buildings for farms
AG Buildings

steel agricultural buildings prices

When you start planning your first farm building, it is the price that makes us hesitate. However, there are many factors that influence the price of an agricultural building. kafa offers you a few reference items to estimate the price of your agricultural building.

1. Hard Costs (this is one of the best parts to estimate, including the building’s hardware set up, which includes labour, indoor equipment installation, paving, insulation systems, etc.)
2. Soft Costs (including insurance, permits, building engineering design and other costs not related to the physical cost of the building)
3. Operating Costs: for the daily maintenance costs of the building, all metal buildings provided by KAFA are robust and durable, this part is negligible
4. Financing Costs (the cost of obtaining a loan to finance the cost of the building)

Steel building have long been chosen by many clients as an inexpensive type of building, and KAFA is a supplier of the highest quality, lowest priced AG buildings, with our current steel build prices ranging from $40-60 per square metre. And we include all services such as design, fabrication and installation. Let you enjoy a wonderful shopping experience.

Long-term benefits of steel structures in agriculture

One of the reasons why steel buildings are favoured by homeowners over other concrete buildings as well as civil construction types is because of the long-term benefits it creates.

1 . Environmental Protection

The recyclability of the steel itself, which is at 100% in China as well as in other countries, makes steel buildings the best type of building from a green point of view. Even after demolition, it does not produce much waste.

2 . Low maintenance

AG building maintenance costs, KAFA's steel buildings basically do not require too much maintenance, and because the frame as a whole is made up of components spliced together, in the event of damage to the problem is only the damage to the components, timely replacement can be, without the need for major repairs or reconstruction.

3 . Extensibility

Metal agricultural buildings can easily face renovation or expansion to provide more shelter for more agricultural assets, when we just need to order more frame structures to meet our business needs.

4 . Composite AG buildings

KAFA offers agricultural buildings that can be divided by dividing the building. We can also provide you with metal farm buildings with living quarters to meet your living production needs.
agricultural steel buildings-FARM BUILDINGS
Composite AG Buildings
Customised agricultural steel buildings-agricultural steel buildings-Best price for construction
Customised agricultural metal buildings

Advantages of agricultural steel structure building

1. Cost Savings

Steel structure is the cost leader for most projects in materials and design. It is inexpensive to manufacture and erection, requires less maintenance than other traditional building methods.

2  .High Space Utilization

Adopting a large-span structure and using the frame structure of a steel structure building, there is no need for load-bearing structures in agricultural buildings to ensure the maximum utilization of space.

3. Creativity

Steel has a natural beauty that most architects can’t wait to take advantage of. Steel allows for long column-free spans and you can have a lot of natural light if you want it in any shape of structures.

4. Control And Management

Steel structures is fabricated at factory and rapidly erected at construction site by skilled personnel that makes safe construction process. Industry surveys consistently demonstrate that steel structures is the optimal solution in management.

5. Energy Saving

If necessary, you can design the KAFA metal farm building for thermal insulation to achieve the comfort of gradual energy saving.

Our insulation board can reduce up to more than 50% of the energy used for insulation

6.Withstand Harsh Conditions

It can withstand extreme forces or harsh weather conditions, such as strong winds, earthquakes, hurricanes and heavy snow. 

They are also unreceptive to rust and, unlike wood frames, they are not affected by termites, bugs, mildew, mold and fungi.

Durable metal barn for sale-agricultural steel buildings-KAFA
Durable metal barn
Metal cattle sheds for sale-Agricultural Steel Buildings-kafa steel
Metal cattle sheds for sale

How to build a Agricultural Steel Buildings with KAFA?

Each of KAFA’s steel structures building is flexible designed to meet the needs of our customers with high performance, efficiency and international quality standards.

If you are looking for a competitive price and best quality steel structure fabricator, please contact KAFA for our advice. We are ready to answer any questions regarding your projects.

Send us email to request a quotation to KAFA’s professional advisory team. KAFA Team will work out the details and contact you at the earliest.

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Qingdao KAFA Structures Ltd. has more than ten years of experience in metal building design, manufacture and installation. Our steel buildings are used in the industrial, commercial and residential sectors. Projects include large-span industrial plants, warehouses, aircraft hangars, steel office buildings, supermarkets, agricultural buildings, etc.

We have extensive experience in structural steel engineering, fabrication and installation. We offer a one-stop solution from the start of a project to its completion. Our professional services help our clients to reduce overall costs and complete projects quickly. We offer a range of services including budgeting and planning, detailed design, procurement services and project construction management to meet the needs of all our clients.

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Excellent service, fast and timely response and their low prices for steel buildings.



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