Pole Barn Vs Metal Building

Pole barn vs metal building-Pole barns and steel buildings were often outdoor structures used to store equipment, machinery and other agricultural materials. In the early days pole barn was a simple building structure, generally constructed using wooden structures. As agricultural practices evolved and matured, many farmers turned their attention to more durable metal structures.

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What is pole barn?

Pole barn is a simplified wooden structure that uses wooden posts fixed in the soil to provide support and is a fast to build and cost effective building structure. But it also has certain disadvantages, the support points of this structure change over time, which means that we need to do some regular work to maintain he overhaul and is a non-permanent building structure.

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What is metal building?

Metal buildings are the perfect alternative to the disadvantages of pole barn, as they are constructed in metal throughout, using a combination of concrete slabs and bolts for the frame, thus ensuring that the building does not change over time. It is extremely durable and offers a cost advantage at the same price as pole barn, both in the short and long term.

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What's the difference?

There are many differences between pole barn vs metal building and we have compiled a list of some of them, including construction, durability, cost, recyclability, safety and more.

1. Building construction

The pole barn uses timber posts as the main load bearing structure, the posts are 96 inches apart and are fixed in the soil, so the floor is generally a soil structure rather than a concrete structure. In contrast, metal buildings are constructed using a rigid frame structure, with frame load-bearing posts fixed at 25-30 foot intervals to a concrete foundation, which results in a concrete slab floor compared to the pole barn structure.

2. Durability

The most common hazards associated with traditional agricultural buildings are weather damage such as rot, mould and natural deterioration, as well as natural risks such as termites, lightning, moisture, fire and bird roosting, which are completely avoided by the use of high grade stainless steel in the construction of the pole barn. The risk of damage to your building is greatly reduced.

3. Cost

Pole barn and metal buildings are comparable in terms of construction costs, but metal buildings give us some greater cost advantages, especially in terms of maintenance and insurance costs and energy costs, and our metal buildings can significantly reduce the overall cost of ownership.

We have provided specific advice on the cost of steel construction, see Steel Building Cost

4. Renewability

Metal is known to be a recyclable material and we currently offer metal buildings that are constructed from 95% metal, which is and will remain an effective means of adding value to the whole metal building. The pole barn does not meet this requirement.

5. Safety

The pole barn is particularly vulnerable to fires, earthquakes, hurricanes and snowstorms, which can cause irreversible damage. This can be fatal for farmers and livestock breeders. Steel buildings are extremely strong and can easily cope with this contingency, providing strong protection for agricultural equipment and livestock.

6. Clear span

Metal structures can span up to 300 feet without the need for load-bearing columns and walls. However, pole barn spans are limited to a maximum of 120 feet clear span.

how to build a metal pole barn

1. Design and plan your metal pole barn: The KAFA team will provide you with a free design proposal and drawings, providing the necessary information such as location, Buildings Structure type, Dimensions of the buildings.

2. Get a quote: Once you have designed and planned your building, you will need to get a quote for it and our team will provide you with the best possible quote.

3 . Processing of the kit: Once the order is placed, our factory will process the metal pole barn kit for you as soon as possible and transport it to the site.

4 . Installation: We provide a professional installation team to carry out the installation on site, which includes land levelling, frame installation, etc.

5. Closure of the metal pole barn: Once the frame has been assembled, the metal pole barn will need to be closed to ensure the stability of the indoor temperature.

6 . Decoration: The metal pole barn may also require additional features, which will be added to increase the overall practicality of the building.

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Is metal pole barn good investment?

Overall, metal pole barn is an excellent investment today, both in terms of short-term and long-term benefits. We offer metal buildings that are maintenance free for life, which greatly reduces the risk of your investment. This is why metal pole barn is one of the best types of buildings you can invest in today.

pole barn vs metal building-metal pole barn

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It goes without saying that metal buildings made by kafa offer unparalleled performance advantages over pole barn, increasing your building price and reducing your risk capacity. Contact us today for more information on our building specials!