Prefabricated Steel Structure

What is a prefabricated steel structure?

Prefabricated steel structure (PEB steel structure) is a revolutionary building, both its architectural style and flexibility are the best. The modular components of the prefabricated steel structure provide unlimited possibilities for his construction. All the steel structure components are processed in the factory and connected to the delivery site. It is often used to construct various buildings, such as agricultural warehousesworkshops, steel structure hangars, commercial buildings, and building halls.

Example of prefabricated steel structure

Why choose prefabricated steel structure?

Imagine that when we construct a building, we will comprehensively consider the construction cost of the building from the budget, construction time, construction factors, and building function requirements. And our prefabricated buildings can perfectly meet all your requirements. Whether it is a low budget, a demanding construction time, and a variety of functional requirements. Don’t worry, our team can provide you with satisfactory building types in the first time.

What should be paid attention to when constructing steel structure?

1. Building length: According to actual site requirements.

2. Column spacing: generally 6 meters, but also 7.5 meters, 9 meters, 12 meters

3. Span: generally 9-36 meters, conventional span types include single-span, double-span and multi-span.

4. Building height: The conventional height is 4.5-9 meters (no crane height is required). If a crane is needed, the specific height needs to be calculated according to the lifting height of the hoisting.

5. Wall and roof insulation: We can lay insulation wool (glass wool or rock wool) on the roof and walls according to the actual insulation needs.

6. Doors and windows: provide sliding doors, rolling doors, and human doors.

7. Daylighting requirement: provide daylighting board or daylighting glass.

What are the advantages of prefabricated steel structures?

The reason why prefabricated steel structure buildings are popular all over the world is loved by the majority of customers. The reason is that his construction cost, ability to resist natural disasters, aesthetics, construction time, customizability and span are far beyond conventional concrete buildings. This is also the reason why kafa, as a professional steel structure supplier, is committed to providing high-quality steel structure building types.

1. Short construction time

All accessories are prefabricated and processed in the factory, and installed at the delivery site, which effectively shortens the construction time and improves the construction efficiency. Compared with conventional buildings, the time can be shortened by 2/3.

2. Large span

The prefabricated steel structure is constructed with a clear span, and a column can be installed every 6-12 meters to increase the working space as much as possible and create a barrier-free working space

3. Low construction cost

The construction and maintenance costs of prefabricated steel structures are lower than those of concrete buildings.
4. Strong customization ability

All designs are customized according to customer requirements. After confirming that it is correct, all parts of the building are processed in accordance with the drawings to ensure that the various needs of customers are met, whether it is appearance or practicality.

5. Strong ability to resist natural disasters

Does your area often experience natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, or blizzards? Okay, then the prefabricated building is your best choice, because the excellent deformability and rigidity of steel can offset the longitudinal and transverse forces very well. Ensure the safety of personnel and property.

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5. High aesthetics

The prefabricated steel structure has various architectural styles, and the appearance is also very streamlined.

6. Environmental protection

It is constructed entirely of steel, which is 100% recyclable material.

Comprehensive supplier of prefabricated buildings

Prefabricated buildings are all based on customer needs. We have diversified design capabilities. Check out our diversified building types!

Prefabricated buildings are an environmentally friendly and low construction cost building type. It is an excellent type of building. For details, please contact our team quickly!


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