How to Cut Steel Building Costs

How to Cut Steel Building Costs- Steel construction is one of the best types of building available and is a great value for money, not only in terms of maintenance costs but also in terms of overall construction costs. When you choose kafa steel construction, you are already making significant savings. We can also achieve cost savings by optimising the amount of steel used in steel buildings.

Choose A Standardised Building Type

Generally speaking, customised building types cost more time and manpower than standardised building types, so it is most appropriate to choose a standardised building type to optimise the price of the building.

The second thing is that all the component manufacturing machinery for standardised building types is pre-adjusted and therefore does not add additional manufacturing costs.

In general, standardised modular buildings can meet the basic needs of many customers, but if there are special requirements, a customised building design can be used, which can greatly meet the various needs at a later stage and achieve long-term economic value.

How to Cut Steel Building Costs-Steel Building Costs

Optimise Building Dimensions

Simply put, the smaller the size, the lower the cost. However, if you want to build a metal building of the same size at a lower cost, then you need a longer building, not a wider type of building.

Why is this so? Because metal building structures with large spans and column-free structures do not require too many support columns in longer spaces, whereas wider spaces require additional support columns, which disguises the increased construction costs.

Clear Span Or Modular

A significant advantage of prefabricated buildings is the large span advantage, which is needed for column-free spaces such as warehouseshangarsworkshops and racecourses. However, when we need a wider building space, we need more steel column supports, which means more steel needs to be used and this clear span construction is not a good way to reduce construction costs.

If you don’t need a clear span type of building, we offer a modular type of structure that uses the least amount of support columns and thus saves on overall construction costs, especially for extra wide structures where modular construction is the cheapest type of building.

The choice between modular or clear span construction ultimately depends on your construction budget and functional requirements, with modular construction being more economical and clear span being more responsive to a variety of needs.

How to Cut Steel Building Costs-Steel Building Costs

Straight Or Tapered Column

The straight wall design is a lighter design, a lighter and cheaper type of steel column that is relatively inexpensive and more suitable for building widths of up to 40 feet.

Tapered columns generally refer to a heavy duty steel column type that provides adequate support strength and is generally suitable for large commercial and industrial buildings. Building sizes are generally the least costly up to 10K square feet, beyond this range the price per square foot of construction increases with the size of the building.

In summary, when choosing between straight or tapered columns, please obtain a NINGD quotation in conjunction with your specific functional requirements to select the best building solution.

Reduce The Height Of The Eaves

Again, as the materials used increase, your building costs will increase accordingly. So, eaves height is also an area where we need to plan, and it is certainly more cost effective to choose a 12ft height than a 20ft height. If you are planning to buy a mezzanine floor, then a higher building height may actually reduce your cost per square foot.

Structural Steel Buildings-Steel Building Costs

Reducing The Pitch Of The Roof

The pitch of a metal roof also increases the overall cost of construction. With an increase in pitch comes an increase in the amount of steel used, which also increases the overall cost of construction.

Here we recommend the most cost effective roof construction of 1:12, which is a low pitch roof that can effectively reduce your construction costs.

However, if there is heavy snow or rain in the area, a high-slope roof structure is recommended to reduce the stress on the roof and reduce the risk of collapse.

Therefore, when choosing a roof style, please select the best one for the local environment and budget.

Using affordable materials

Choosing the correct steel is the first step in reducing costs. Consider using recycled or economical steel, more reasonably priced options that still offer adequate strength and durability. This strategy not only reduces the initial investment but also helps to lower maintenance costs later on.

Structural Steel Buildings-Steel Building Costs

Accurate design and planning

Accurate design and planning are crucial to ensuring that a project runs smoothly. By optimizing the design, material wastage can be reduced and costs lowered. Meanwhile, reasonable layout design can also save construction time and human resources. Adding more time and effort to the design phase will bring significant cost savings throughout the project cycle.

Find the suitable suppliers

Establishing a relationship with a reputable metal construction company can result in more competitive pricing and higher-quality materials. Compare quotes and quality of products from different suppliers and choose the best partner for your project. A reliable supplier will be your right hand in reducing costs.

Carry Out Self-Construction Installations

Do you have experience of project installation and if so, this skill will save you thousands in monthly construction costs. The steel components we supply are pre-machined and do not need to be cut and welded again on site. Each frame structure can be easily assembled.

However, kafa Steel Structures still recommends hiring a professional builder for the installation to guarantee the safety of your project.