Steel Structure Fabrication

What is structural steel fabrication?

Steel structures are a reliable building material. In the manufacturing process of steel structures, pre-designed design drawings are used and pre-processed according to the drawings to form a predetermined size as well as shape. Delivered in batches to their destination, they are used to assemble into agriculturalcommercial and industrial buildings of all kinds.

Structural steel fabrication is not done by simply welding and cutting. Steel fabrication is a special skill that needs to be carried out by specialist operators who can take raw steel materials and process them into specific standard shapes through various treatment processes. If you are preparing to build your own steel building, KAFA has the experienced designers and engineers to do so.

Our engineers follow strict steel fabrication processes, including:

Cutting high quality steel

First of all, before we start manufacturing, we cut high quality steel and the kafa plant is equipped with various cutting machines such as ion torches, water jets and laser cutters.

Bending steel

Next, there is the bending that has just taken place, which is generally done by both hand hammer and mechanical bending, depending on the degree of bending of the steel member, i.e. the type of steel member required.

Component assembly

This part is the assembly of the components to ensure that they are delivered to their destination with zero error for installation. There are generally two types of assembly: one is welding, where the elements are slowly joined together by heating them. The other is by riveting or by adhesive.

Once all the machining is completed, the whole process is monitored using cutting-edge equipment to ensure the accuracy of the components and to guarantee the successful completion of the project.

Why use steel fabrication to build a project?

The steel fabrication process may sound complex, but there are many advantages inherent in steel fabrication.

High economic value

Compared to conventional construction, steel structures are highly recyclable and can significantly reduce the investment cost of a building due to the cheap price of steel.

Highly customisable

All styles are designed according to the customer’s wishes to meet your needs 100%

Aesthetically pleasing

The use of diverse design appearance greatly enhances the overall aesthetics.

Short construction time

All components are prefabricated and processed in the factory, greatly enhancing manufacturing efficiency, and can typically be manufactured in 35 days.


All materials are made from high quality steel, which is a very strong building material.

Low maintenance

Steel components are extremely resistant to natural hazards, and steel can be easily repaired at a later stage by replacing the components.

Steel – Reinfored concrete column or beam
Steel – Reinfored concrete column or beam

Structural steel is currently used in a wide range of industries and is currently used in building construction, parts processing and forming, as well as in various industries such as bridges and shipbuilding. It can be said that it is used in a particularly wide range of industries. And kafa is currently a specialist factory for structural steel construction. If you have any needs regarding steel buildings, please feel free to contact our engineers. We will be at your disposal 24 hours a day for advice!