Building Steel Structure Design

Metal construction color options

The outer walls and roof of the steel structure are made of galvanized color steel plates. Inside the factory, the surface of the steel plates has undergone a strict cleaning process. Painting and oven baking are carried out to fix the color. And during the processing, the uniformity of the surface paint is continuously monitored to ensure the smoothness of the surface. After baking, we will also conduct tests on the physical bending resistance and impact resistance of the steel plate; as well as the thickness, hardness, gloss and color of the paint film, to ensure that our products meet international standards. The exterior wall coating materials we use use amino resin as the main film-forming material and silicone-acrylic emulsion as the mixed coating of the secondary film-forming material. Has a high standard of fire resistance. And after the product reaches the destination, we will also carry out a second coating of the components to ensure the complete delivery of the product.

Please note that all current colors are designed with double-layer coatings to meet the requirements of fire protection and corrosion protection, with a service life of up to 35 years!

Frame style

As a professional Chinese steel structure manufacturer, KAFA provides four conventional building styles and other customized styles.

Single slope
Double slope
Single slope

Remarks: We also provide other architectural demonstrations. The above four are just our conventional architectural styles.

Wall Design

The important role of the warehouse is to store items, so his insulation design is particularly important. We provide the following optional wall insulation materials to fully protect the safety of your belongings.

EPS sandwich panel

EPS cement sandwich panel is a lightweight energy-saving wall material with light weight, high load-bearing capacity, good sealing performance, water vapor isolation, and excellent heat insulation performance. It is a new building material with long life and low maintenance cost.

glass wool sandwich panel

The glass wool sandwich panel is composed of glass fiber and 2 layers of steel plates. Glass wool sandwich panels are ideal for insulating roofs and walls.

PU sandwich panel

Low thermal conductivity of pu sandwich panels with excellent thermal insulation properties, can greatly reduce the thickness of periphery of the building structure, which effectively increasing the interior area of the building and save energy and costs.

galvanized color steel sheet

Hot-dip galvanized sheet is a steel plate coated with a layer of zinc on the surface. Galvanizing is an economical and effective anti-rust method that is often used. The clock is used in the warehouse, which has the characteristics of corrosion resistance

Warehouse door (optional)

We provide large doors and pedestrian doors for pedestrian passages and truck transportation. The large doors mainly include rolling doors, sliding doors, and side hanging doors. Of course, if you have special needs, you can also tell us.

Warehouse rolling door
Warehouse sliding door
side hanging door

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