Coating Of Steel Structure

Surface treatment & paint repair of secondary coating

Coating of steel structure secondary coating means: after processed in the workshop, finished coating according to the design,  the construction members were delivered to the project site and coated in the site. For the surface of secondary coating, we must have the following disposes

  1. Using water-washed, cloth rubbing, solvent cleaning, to clean up the greasy dirt, clay, dust and others;
  2. When the construction members are delivered to the site of project after marine trasport, we must clean up all the salinity by water thoroughly;

  3. After the surface are clean, we must use steel wool or others to have dehairing treatment to the paint film, but at the same time we must protect the assembling mark;

  4. At last, using clean compressed air to blow the surface;(Remark: Before secondary coating, we should repair the painting which were damaged. The base course treatment, number of painting & thickness must proceeded according to the design;)

Paint Reapire

After the installation finished, we must repaire paint to the following parts(same method with intact coating):

  1. Outside leakage part & fastener of junction;
  2. Welded part and burning loss part;

  3. Part of  Assembling mark & some part that leave out painting;

  4. Some parts which are damaged when transporting and assembling;

construction of fire retardant coating

  1. Usually, we proceed the construction of fire retardant coating after installation of construction members & qualification of testing. Due to other reasons that we have to do hoisting after spraying the construction parts, we should  repaire spraying for the damaged parts after installation;
  2. Before construction, we should clean up all the dust,greasy dirt and other sundries on the surface of the steel structure. The construction environment of fire retardant coating must be accord to the technical note of coating;

  3. If we use spraying method, we should protect the other equipement and construction parts that do not need to be coated, using plastice cloth; If we will finish the construction of fire retardant coating above the ground, we should take steps to protect polluting the ground;

  4. Before solidification of coating, we should take steps to protect rain, pollution and impact from other objects;

Coating Of Steel Structure&kafa

self-checking of fire retardant coating

  1.  In the working progress, the operator must check the coating thickness. The project leader will be in charge of selective examination. If can not reach the thickness as designed, do not stopping construction;

  2.  After construction finished, the project leader must check the construction quality with other constructors, including thickness, planeness, bonding strength, appearance quality, rectify the unqualified parts.


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