Are Steel Buildings Hurricane Proof?

Over the past 10 years we have had many customers who have had this question.

Are Steel Buildings Hurricane Proof?

The answer is yes, properly designed and installed steel buildings can withstand very strong hurricane winds.

This is because metal buildings are the strongest type of construction in the world.

It has been tested in harsh environments for many years and is recognised as the safest type of building worldwide.

Ideal for installation in hurricane-prone areas, they offer great protection.

Are Steel Buildings Hurricane Proof-KAFA

Durable metal buildings

Metal buildings can withstand the harshest weather conditions, including harsh natural conditions such as hurricanes, blizzards and strong earthquakes.

KAFA offers metal buildings that are constructed using high quality galvanised stainless steel, which protects them from corrosion and other forms of damage.

Metal buildings offer the advantage of being more durable and robust than traditional buildings.

It is a type of building that will last for a long time, maintaining a high level of integrity over time.

Steel Buildings Hurricane Proof

A unique design structure

The metal building has a unique architectural structure.

Studies have shown that the joints in the walls and the edges of the roof panels are the most vulnerable areas to failure in the event of a hurricane.

The kafa team is expertly reinforcing these unique areas to maintain integrity in hurricane conditions.

It can withstand the effects of winds of up to 170 mph.

Additional benefits of steel buildings

Clear Span – providing extra large column-free spaces, whether used for storing cars, aircraft or enabling complete warehousing and logistics services, providing extra large working spaces. It also provides an extremely stable building structure, fully protecting important assets. The metal building can also be easily extended at a later stage if additional expansion is required.

Affordable Cost – The metal building costs around $10-12 per square foot to build, which includes kitting, delivery and construction costs. It is an inexpensive and easy to construct type of building. It also requires little maintenance and is very cheap to insure, making it a very economical structure.

One-stop delivery of prefabricated buildings

KAFA is the world’s leading steel builder, whether you need a metal warehouse, a workshop or a hangar, we have extensive and complete design and construction experience. We offer a one-stop delivery service to meet a wide range of bespoke requirements.

Finally, you can rest assured that choosing KAFA for your building structure We will ensure that all structures are designed to meet the harsh natural conditions of wind, snow and earthquakes in your area, that local regulations are met and that a perfect metal building is built.


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