How Much Does it Cost to Build a Warehouse?

Are you thinking of building a steel warehouse that will provide strong protection for your goods storage and logistics transit? You must be thinking – How Much Does It Cost To Build A Warehouse?

The fact is that there are soft costs, hard costs, long-term costs and maintenance costs to consider when building a modern warehouse. With the latest 2022 quotation estimates putting the cost of building a warehouse at around $15 per square foot, building your own metal warehouse can provide you with lifetime value compared to renting a warehouse.

Whether you are looking to build a 1,000 square foot warehouse building or a 10,000 foot warehouse building, the KAFA team can provide you with the most reasonable quotation. To make it easier to estimate the cost of a steel warehouse。We have included a list of factors that will increase the cost of building your warehouse:

List of factors affecting warehouse prices

1.Floor area

The floor area of a warehouse is undoubtedly the most important factor affecting the price of a metal warehouse, for example, 1,000 sq ft and 10,000 sq ft warehouses cost between $12,500 and $91,000 (this price includes kit, construction, delivery). Generally speaking, as the construction area continues to increase, the building costs are partially reduced. For this reason we have compiled some examples of warehouse costs specifically.

Note: This is the building price for steel warehouses only and does not include additional kit support (cranes, fire suppression systems, insulation systems, etc.) Details can be customised by consulting a building engineer.

2. Kit costs

Warehouse foundation kit is used to build the main framework of the warehouse. The price of a warehouse kit alone is absolutely attractive and builders have been quoting in this way for many years. If you buy just the kit, the price per square foot of construction is $5 per square foot. If you have professional experience in building construction, then this is the best way to go.

Cost to Build a Warehouse
steel warehouse cost

3. Additional kit support

The price of a kit-only warehouse does have enough appeal. However, before choosing a steel warehouse, companies should consider the long-term costs as well as the total cost of ownership. Basic kits are only sufficient for the construction of the outer frame structure. They require additional insulation, fire-resistant materials and anti-corrosion coatings to form the complete warehouse shell. All of these add to the total cost of the warehouse.

4. Local codes

Ensure compliance with local code information by calling your local building department to ask for relevant building code information. The builder’s team can also be contacted to provide accurate local code information. Check if there will be any additional expenditure due to construction violations.

5. Building height

Steel structure warehouse heights are determined by different needs, with conventional heights being around 10 feet, which is sufficient for many industries. However, if you have additional requirements, we can also build warehouse buildings up to 30 feet high to accommodate larger storage systems in a limited space. The height, as well as the size, will add extra to your building costs.

6. Concrete slabs

When building a steel structure kit, the warehouse foundation needs to be graded and a concrete slab constructed. A 6 foot thick concrete slab costs around $1.50 per square foot. A typical 1,000 square foot concrete slab can be built for around $1,500. Please consult your local construction company for an up-to-date quote.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Warehouse-steel warehouse cost-kafa steel

7. Insurance costs

It is also necessary to invest in building insurance. As the safest type of building, steel buildings naturally have the lowest insurance costs, so you can consult your local insurance company for details and get the appropriate quotation, or of course our company can make enquiries on your behalf.

8.Materials cost

Warehouse material costs vary depending on the type of warehouse, for example, refrigerated warehouses and conventional warehouses in the building materials cost is different (cold storage for about $ 115 per square foot, while conventional warehouses for about $ 15 per square foot), at the same time, the height of steel warehouse building increasing, increasing load, material costs will also increase significantly.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Warehouse-steel warehouse cost-kafa steel

9. Management and Supervision Costs

When considering the cost of warehouse construction, in addition to the construction itself, management and regulatory costs are important factors that must be considered. This includes project management costs, regulatory compliance costs and possibly licensing costs. Ensuring compliance and regulation is a key part of keeping the project running smoothly.

10. Risks and Additional Costs

Not to be overlooked are project risks and additional costs. Considering possible delays, design changes, and other unforeseen circumstances, it is wise to set aside a budget to cover them. This ensures that unforeseen circumstances will not seriously derail the project.

11. Cost Savings

There are a number of practical methods that companies can use to save money on warehouse construction projects. These include modular design, which can increase construction efficiency and reduce material waste. It is also crucial to choochoosingse suppliers wisely, and competitive quotes can be used to get the best price. Regularly reviewing budgets and making timely adjustments to suit the reality of the situation is also necessary. Ultimately, be sure to maintain transparent communication throughout the process to avoid unnecessary expenditures.

12. Financing costs

If you cannot afford to pay the full cost of construction, then you will need to consider easy access to meet your current needs, and the interest incurred will need to be factored into the overall cost.

Build a metal warehouse for less

Before building a metal warehouse, you will also need to consider a variety of sizes and styles to suit different storage needs, depending on the intended use and budget. Combined with the above mentioned factors that affect price, you will also be able to reduce the cost of your warehouse build as much as possible. However, this is only an approximate estimate and to obtain a specific budget, please contact our building engineers to provide you with a professional and detailed quote.


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