60x100x20 Metal Building Cost

This is a durable metal building that is resistant to weathering and natural disasters. If you are looking for information about 60x100x20 metal building cost, then here is what you are looking for.

This 60x100x20 metal building is one of our best selling building types and we have built this building for several owners. The latest quote for this 6,000 foot, 20 foot tall building in 2021 was $120,000 at a price of $20 per square foot. And with our extensive design experience, you can definitely find the type of building you are looking for here.

60x100x20 Metal Building Cost-KAFA

Why a 60x100x20 metal building?

When extra space is needed, a steel building may be a good choice. This 6,000 square foot building is perfect for small businesses and private owners. Whether you need a store, garage, workshop, warehouse, horse farm, or any other type of building, this is the best investment!

60x100x20 Metal Building Cost-kafa

60x100x20 Metal Building Kit Cost

Please note that in order to provide an accurate 60x100x20 Metal Building quote, KaFa Fabrication must be aware of detailed information requirements, such as the number of windows and doors, insulation, wind and seismic resistance requirements, and other factors that will affect your metal building price. The following is a detailed list of factors that affect price:

1. Building kits

We offer a variety of rugged steel building kits worldwide. We offer 60x100x20 metal building building kits at $12 per square foot for a total cost of $72,000. This cost includes infrastructure such as steel framing, wall panels, doors and metal roofing. Of course, this does not include additional costs such as insulation, electrical conduit, and other trim items.

2. Design

Steel buildings are widely accepted for their customizability, and you have numerous options in the design as well as construction of a steel structure. If you want your building to have a funky exterior design, it can also make the whole project more expensive. Generally speaking, a funky exterior design can add about 15% to the cost of your building.

3. Location

The geographic location of your project will affect the price of your building. Depending on local environmental factors, our buildings are required to be designed with reasonably loaded frame structures to provide a safe space against environmental factors such as hurricanes, snowstorms, rain, and earthquakes. The higher the load bearing means the higher the cost.

4. Building codes

Some states do not allow exposed metal, meaning you must cover up the metal structure with masonry. This can also raise your construction costs. So, before you build, a detailed understanding of your local building codes will help us provide you with an accurate 60x100x20 metal building cost.

5. Concrete Slabs

All metal buildings require concrete slabs, which cost $6-$8 per square foot, also including labor costs, to build a 6,000 square foot, 6-foot deep concrete slab for about $36,000. But this is not the final price, it depends on the local labor as well as the cost of concrete material.

6. Additional Components

KaFa Fabrication offers a base package that does not include components such as interior walls, electrical conduits, electrical drains, interior wall trim, etc. These components need to be purchased separately. You must factor these into your construction costs as well.

7. Insulation layer

In addition to maintaining a stable temperature inside the 60x100x20 Metal Building, it can make our work and life more convenient. Secondly, it also prevents the internal water vapor from forming water droplets on the steel plates, which can cause corrosion to the metal. This can affect the life of the building and its aesthetics. Therefore, we recommend installing insulation to prevent these problems from occurring. The cost to properly insulate a 60x100x20 Metal Building is $6,500-$7,200.

8. Labor Costs

Once all the builds are finalized, the last thing is to start building your 60x100x20 Metal Building, the installation of these buildings requires a professional to do the work. Of course, if you are experienced in installation, you can also install them yourself manually. It may be easy to follow the installation instructions, but be sure to have plenty of lifting and installation tools on hand.

Customize your 60x100x20 Metal Building Cost

As a professional steel knot manufacturer in China, KaFa Fabrication has extensive construction and design experience in the steel design and fabrication industry and can provide a wide range of customization options. We are widely recognized by our customers for our strong customization capabilities. In addition to offering 60x100x20 Metal Building, we also offer a range of conventional building sizes, 30×50, 50×100, 100x200steel building. welcome to call our steel structure experts.