60 x 120 Steel Building (Sale&Cost)

60 x 120 steel building – this 7,200 square foot steel building offers you a personalised living and production space. The metal building is well suited for owners who want to customise their structures at an affordable price. The building is ideal for warehouses, workshops, hangars, agricultural buildings and metal structures with living quarters.

60 x 120 Steel Building (Sale&Cost)

Why choose metal construction?

Currently, the more widely available building materials on the market are wood, concrete and steel. But most homeowners give preference to metal buildings not only because of their recyclability. More importantly, it is the durability of metal structures. Our metal buildings can withstand the effects of severe weather such as strong winds and earthquakes. They are also more resistant to pests and diseases than wooden structures. Eleven extremely practical structures that require little maintenance.

60 x 120 Steel Building (Sale&Cost)

How much does 60x100 metal building cost?

The most important factor to consider when choosing a 60 x 120 steel building is its price. At KAFA Steel Structures we offer you the best price for a 7,200 square foot building at around $11.50 per square foot, with an estimated price of around $82,800. This cost includes the steel kit as well as construction and installation costs.

Additional design costs

The 60 x 120 steel building offered by the KAFA team includes the usual design, installation, coating, drop drains and insulation treatment. However, we also offer a wide range of customised options for specific usage requirements.

1. Crane: as a warehouse or garage, it is likely to face corresponding lifting requirements and we have specially matched professional lifting facilities to meet these requirements.

2. Extra height: The normal wall height for a 60 x 120 steel building is 14 feet, for special needs customers we offer an extra height of 16 or 18 feet to meet customer requirements. These can also increase your construction costs.

3. Internal assemblies: For built-up buildings, internal features need to be refined to meet production or even demand.

Get started today with Custom Metal Buildings

As a professional steel structure manufacturer in China, we are currently exporting to many countries and have thousands of cooperative customers worldwide. We use Chinese high quality galvanised steel for processing and manufacturing, and have a professional team that can provide you with free design quotation at the first time.

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