50×50 Metal Building (Optimum Design And Cost)

The 50×50 Metal Building provides us with 2500 feet of internal space, a square clear span internal building structure. This is widely used as it is a faster and cheaper way of custom building. Common applications are mainly workshopswarehouses, garages, hangarschurch buildings and much more. We also offer conventional buildings in various sizes such as 40×60,50×60, 50×100, 100×100 and 100×200.

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50x50 Metal Building Cost?

The 50×50 Metal Building Cost is typically between $12 and $25 per foot, with the total cost of a 50×50 metal building ranging from $30,000-$62,500. This is only the base kit costing.

So many homeowners may be concerned about what the actual landed cost of this steel building is. And not just the manufacturing cost of the steel structure. We have compiled a few factors that influence the price:

  •  Design Costs: Many companies charge a fee for a bespoke design when carrying out steelwork. Unless it is a generic building type, it does not need to go through any design. But this kind of generic building, and can not meet the private customization needs. So many clients will choose to pay for customisation. The KAFA team, in order to achieve a 100% positive feedback rate, we design the relevant drawings for free. Satisfaction is made when payment is made.
  • Land Factor: When building a 50×50 Metal Building. Whether you own the land or need to lease the land.
  • Land Clearance: Land levelling is also a necessary preparation for the construction of steel structures. Of course, these will also add to your additional costs.
  • Foundation Construction: Before proceeding with the installation, the land also needs to be fitted with a foundation. This is used to secure our steel buildings.
  • Related Permits: Construction regulations vary from country to country and you need to find out if you need to obtain the relevant permits for building construction in your local area.
  • Address: What area are you in? Are there hurricanes or snowstorms in the area? We need to tailor a strong load-bearing metal building to your local wind and snow loads.
  • Additional Kit Costs: When undertaking a steel building, in addition to a steel frame, you will need to install specific components (doors, windows, downpipes, insulation etc.) These will also add to your kit costs. Of course, we can also customise a full range of metal components if you require.
  •  Insurance Costs: In order to take minimal risks, you may also need to take out appropriate insurance to ensure the safety of your metal building.
  • Additional Decoration Costs: As a building that uses metal, we will need to decorate the interior of the metal building and purchase additional furniture and appliances after the overall building is completed. These will also increase our costs.
50x50 Metal Building Cost

Is Metal Building Worth It?

Metal buildings are now the dominant building type and many homeowners choose them not only for their price, but also for their bespoke performance and more. Here are a few of the advantages of metal buildings, as compiled by the KAFA team.

  • Easy to maintain: Our metal buildings are manufactured using high-grade galvanised stainless steel, which enhances its durability and practicality, and basically does not require any maintenance at a later stage.
  • Wide range of industry applications: from residential to workshop, our metal buildings are suitable for all, this strong and durable metal building can effectively protect your assets from the environment and cause any loss.
  • Fast construction: from delivery to completion, this metal building can be installed in just 10 days.
  • Low cost: Compared to wooden and concrete buildings, our metal buildings are extremely cheap to build and maintain. This makes it a very good investment in the long and short term.
  • Low Insurance Costs: Because of the much higher safety features of metal buildings compared to other buildings, many insurance companies are willing to underwrite them and the insurance costs are much lower than for other building types.
  • Recyclability: The main material is galvanised stainless steel, which makes it 100% recyclable.
  • Aesthetically pleasing: fully customisable, meeting all custom requirements.
50x50 Metal Building Design-KAFA

Why Choose The KAFA Team?

As a manufacturer of steel structures in China, we offer free design, delivery and installation. We have a number of partners worldwide, so we are experts in the design and manufacture of steel structures. At the same time, we can offer extremely high quality prices to keep your construction costs as low as possible and ensure the smooth implementation of your plans.  and order your 50×50 metal building today!

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