40×60 Metal Building Cost

The 40×60 Metal Building Cost averages $2.9 to $10 per square foot, with total construction costs ranging from $6,960 to $24,000, depending on the location of the building. Depending on the location of the building and the height of the building as well as the intensity of the customization, the price may fluctuate. This type of building is often used for construction of barns, garages, auto repair shops, shops and metal buildings with living quarters are all good options. Choose a metal building as your next building, it’s the smartest choice! This metal building can also be easily designed as a 60’x40′ metal building for an extra wide hangar and multi-bay auto shop for homeowners who need an extra wide building.

Custom designed 40 x 60 steel building

As a custom designed metal building, building styles and additional kit requirements can add to the cost of a metal building, KAFA steel’s design team will need your specific functional and cosmetic requirements for a 40×60 metal building to provide you with a tailored quote. We have listed the factors that will affect the final cost of a 40×60 metal building, including the location, style, type and number of windows and doors, and the load bearing requirements of the frame.

40x60 metal building cost-metal building cost-Kafa Steel
40x60 metal building cost-metal building cost-Kafa Steel

1.Choosing the right type of frame

There are two types of conventional steel buildings, QUONSET HUT and RIGID FRAME, and the different frame types can effectively reduce maintenance costs in the long term, making it essential to choose the right frame type.

  • QUONSET HUT is a semi-cylindrical galvanised stainless steel sheet structure, the cheaper of the metal buildings and the most economical building option, with superior snow load capacity and quick construction erection on site.
  • RIGID FRAME is a widely used type of structure that uses steel members joined to form a steel skeleton, installed by rigid joints, and has a high longitudinal load capacity. A wide range of customised designs are available, offering large spans without column internal space.

2. Location, location, location

Once the correct type of frame has been chosen, it is then time to consider the local weather conditions. Our designers need to consider the local wind and snow loads to design the most reasonable building structure that meets the requirements of the local codes. Generally speaking, the location of the project will also significantly affect the overall 40×60 Metal Building Cost

3. 40 x 60 concrete slabs

When constructing a 40×60 metal building, we also need to consider the corresponding labour costs as well as the material costs. The cost of pouring a new concrete slab is around 5-8 USD 12,000 – 19,200 USD. Of course, this will need to be done in conjunction with the local conditions and the design engineer will need to be consulted for a detailed quote.

4. Base Kit Costs

The kafa team offers high quality, custom designed 40×60 metal buildings worldwide, with a normal base kit cost of $2.9 to $10 per square foot. The total value is around $6,960 to $24,000. This is only the cost of building the base frame, we also need to take into account additional insulation installation, electrical trim, plumbing fittings and so on. These will add an additional cost of around 30% to the building.

40x60 metal building cost-metal building cost-Kafa Steel
40x60 metal building cost-metal building cost-Kafa Steel

5. More cost savings

Metal buildings are prefabricated in a factory and installed on site, which greatly reduces the construction time on site and reduces labour costs. They are also extremely durable and require little maintenance, reducing maintenance costs. Metal buildings are known for their robustness and safety, and therefore their insurance costs are extremely low. The metal building is constructed using Tsunayoshi galvanised stainless steel and therefore has a very high recycling rate, which also reduces your construction investment costs.

Start a custom 40x60 metal building cost

40×60 Metal Building Cost is influenced by a number of factors and requires a great deal of information in order to estimate the exact cost of the building. As a professional steel fabricator, the KAFA team has the experience and ability to help you design your building to suit your needs and provide an accurate quote for your project.


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