30×50 Metal Building Cost

30x50 Metal Building Metal Kit For Sale

If you are looking for a 30×50 metal building of 1500 square feet, then KaFa Fabrication’s Metal Building is perfectly suited to your needs, providing you with plenty of space to work and live in. Pre-engineered steel construction standards and all materials are manufactured from high quality galvanised stainless steel. We offer you a high-quality, durable 30×50 Metal Building. These buildings are perfect for metal warehouses, metal workshops and farm buildings. The price of the metal building kit is influenced by a number of factors including location, building height, insulation requirements etc.

30x50 Metal Building Metal Kit for sale -Kafa

Metal Building Cost

Please note that in order to ensure an accurate quote, the KaFa Fabrication team will need information about your project. Typically, a 30×50 metal building costs $12,000, but the price is influenced by a number of factors including: freight costs, steel prices, eaves height, cranes, drains etc. which will all affect the final price. For example, a 30x50x14 metal building, a 30x50x16 metal building and a 30x50x18 metal building are basically priced at $14,000/16,000/18,000.

30x50 Metal Building Cost| KAFA Steel Buildings

Why choose a 30x50 metal building?

When choosing a building, you have a number of options (wood/concrete/steel buildings). Steel is one of the most durable building materials and we recommend it as your first choice. 30×50 metal buildings are extremely durable and can last up to 50 years without maintenance and around 30 years after repainting and maintenance. It is a great investment type of metal building.

The 30×50 metal building is also extremely resistant to the harsh elements, withstanding strong winds, earthquakes, snow, rain and insect damage. There is virtually no damage to add to the cost of your investment.

30x50 Metal Building for sale for sale-kafa steel

The wide range of uses for bespoke metal buildings

One of the reasons why the 30×50 metal building is so popular, apart from its durability, is that KaFa Fabrication offers building types to suit every need, whether you need a metal garage building, a workshop, a storage building, a hangar or a metal barn. These buildings will stand the test of timeThey are built to protect your property.

30x50 Metal workshop for sale

Pricing your 30x50 metal building

It is important that you get an accurate quote before you buy a steel building price, the price of a 30×50 metal building is influenced by a number of factors.KaFa Fabrication as a professional steel contractor in China, we have several partners around the world and our 30×50 metal buildings are known for their durability. Whether you want to provide a stable shelter for your car or workplace. You can consult our design team directly to get the most reliable design and specific prices for you first time.

30x50 custom metal building
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