The Connection of Column and Beam

Steel structure installation mainly adopts the steel column connection method for installation, which has the advantages of simple operation and fast installation, and is the main installation method used for steel structure installation at present.

Column-beam connection

Steel columns and beams usually use welded H-shaped steel, which can be changed arbitrarily according to design requirements. It is prefabricated in the factory and can be assembled directly on site.

The connection between the steel column and beam has two forms

1). Rigid connection

The rigid connection is the connection of high-strength bolts at the web and welding on the upper and lower flanges;

2). Hinged connection

Hinged connection refers to the high-strength bolts fixed at the web and upper and lower wings. A connection form that does not require welding.

The steel frame structure system refers to a frame structure composed of steel beams and steel columns along with the longitudinal and transverse directions of the buildings. The steel beams and steel columns form the structural system that bears and resists lateral forces.

Steel structure installation-Structural steel fabrication

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