Steel Structure Components

Steel structure components are the main part of the steel factory building, including internal support and external envelope structure. The steel frame is made of portal steel frame, including steel columns, steel beams and supports. The gated steel frame and the external closed structure form a closed building structure, which is strong enough to withstand severe weather such as strong wind, rain and snow.

Custom steel structure components

At KAFA, all steel structural components are made to order. We can process according to your drawings and requirements. You can also order structural steel of foreign standard materials from us, such as EN, DIN, ASTM, JIS standards. If only meet the minimum order quantity of 60T, we can also provide overseas steel such as IPE, IPN, UB and W-shaped steel.

We manufacture various cross-section steel structural components, including but not limited to:

Welding H-beam

Honeycomb steel

Pipeline column

BOX steel

Steel reinforced concrete column

Grid column

Pipe truss

Equipment platform bridge

Special-shaped steel component

Steel Structure Components&KAFA
Steel Structure Components&KAFA

Precision engineering for quality steel fabrication

At KAFA, we believe that the quality of our work is a defining feature of our services. We are committed to providing exceptional quality products and a service which is reflective of our dedication to excellence at all stages of a project lifecycle. We deploy extensive quality control measures to safeguard the quality from beginning to end. This includes the inspections of all materials prior to, and following fabrication.

KAFA have highly trained and experienced professional fabrication and welding staff, and because of this, we are able to deliver a wide variety of fabrication services including a variety of steel sections, designed to meet your specific project requirements.
The fabrication procedure typically follows the below steps:
• Measuring, cutting and welding the steel
• Placing the holes and cleats in the correct position
• Packaging and carefully loading in the right sequence
• Dispatching to site and erecting if required.

Structural steel columns-Steel Structure Components
Components of the steel-concrete composite

Welding procedures

KAFA undertake all welding procedures in accordance with GB standard. Our dedicated Welding Inspectors are certified by the government authority.
We perform non-destructive testing (NDT) in accordance with contract documents and applicable welding codes. As part of this process, we ensure that all inspections, test plans and quality manuals are fully documented and maintained.
Tests we conduct include:
Dimension check
Visual examination
Ultrasonic testing

Whether manufacturing a domestic structure, as well as industrial building or commercial building, our precision fabrication reduces time onsite and the associated labour costs.

Steel Bone Column-Steel Structure Components
Steel Bone Column-Steel Structure Components

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