Steel Structure Building Applications

Steel structure building applications appear in every corner of our lives. Compared with traditional concrete buildings, steel structure buildings use steel plates or sectional steel instead of reinforced concrete, which has higher strength and better seismic resistance. And because the building components factory-made and installed on-site, so the construction period significantly reduce. Because steel can reuse, construction waste dramatically reduces, and it is environmentally friendly. Now we introduce some steel structure building applications.

Steel structure building application case

1.Steel structure exhibition hall

The steel exhibition hall is commercial buildings, which is a product display space. The basic structure of the steel structure is the skeleton of the entire exhibition hall. And the steel structure exhibition hall is light-weight, diverse in color, beautiful in appearance, light and generous, and has a modern style as a whole. So it is the first choice for exhibition hall building.

Car 4s shop showroom sales
Car 4s shop showroom sales

2.Steel structure workshop

Metal structure workshop refers to the load-bearing parts composed of steel, including columns, roof beam, and foundation. And steel workshop Building with the advantage of a large span, strong and durable. Steel structure workshop components include steel columns, steel beams, tie bars, roof panels, wall panels, etc.

Australia Heavy Steel Structure Workshop
Heavy Steel Structure Workshop&kafa

3.Steel structure warehouse

The design of the steel structure warehouse is a portal ridge frame. So the material is more practical, the cost is low, the bearing capacity is large, and the building materials are recyclable, which meets the environmental protection standards.

Steel Structure Warehouse for sale-Steel Warehouse
Steel Structure Warehouse for sale-KAFA

4 . Steel structure bridge

The load-bearing structure of the steel bridge is steel. So the steel bridge has the advantages of large spanning capacity, high strength, fast construction, short construction period, prefabricated at factory, and natural erection.

5. Steel – Reinfored concrete column or beam

Steel-reinforced concrete column refers to the the section steel which is placed in the concrete column in high-rise building, for the purpose of enhancing the bearing capacity of the column. The commonly used section steel section has the crossing shape and BOX shape. The connected basement and foundation are all made of reinforced concrete structure.

Steel – Reinfored concrete column or beam
Steel – Reinfored concrete column or beam

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