Prefabricated Workshop Building In Malaysia

Prefabricated Workshop Building Introduction

Prefabricated workshop building/industrial steel frame building. This is a prefabricated workshop building designed and manufactured with steel structure and installed. The welded H-section steel columns and beams are connected by high-strength bolts as the main frame structure of the building. The steel structure is made of a combination of structural steel parts designed to carry loads and provide sufficient rigidity. The parts of the steel structure are made of steel and connected by welding, riveting or bolting. These structures are reliable and require less materials than other types of structures because of the high-strength steel, which is different from the diversity of its shapes and architectural expressiveness. Although steel has a higher density than other building materials, its strength is high. Under the same force, the steel structure has a small weight and can be made into a structure with a large span.

Prefabricated Workshop Building for sale-kafa

Specification of steel structure material

Steel FrameH section steelQ235/Q345 steel plate thickness: 8-30mm
WeldingAutomatic submerged arc welding
Rust removalSand blasting
Surface finishAlkyd paint or galvanized
Intensive boltM20,Grade 10.9
Supporting SystemAngle braceL50x4,Steel Q235, processed and painted
Horizontal braceΦ20, Steel Q235, processed and painted
Column branceΦ20, Steel Q235, processed and painted
Tie rodΦ89*3, Steel Q235, processed and painted
Ordinary boltM12 Galvanized bolt
RoofPurlinC160*60*2.5,Steel Q235, galvanized and painted
Roof panelSandwich panel or corrugated steel sheet
Sky light6mm thick PVC
AccessoriesGlass cement, self-tapping screws, etc.
Edge cover0.4mm steel sheet profile trimming
Gutter0.4mm thick sheet steel profile or galvanized sheet
Down pieΦ110PVC
WallsPurlinC160*60*2.5,Steel Q235, painted
WallSandwich panel or corrugated steel plate
AccessoriesGlass cement, self-tapping screws, etc.
Edge cover0.4mm steel sheet profile trimming
VentilationVentilation ball
Doors & windowsRolling door/sliding door PVC/alu/steel/window

Our steel structure manufacturing plant

Our steel structure manufacturing plant has a building area of 35,000 square meters and a workshop area of 20,000 square meters. We have multiple light/heavy H steel production lines, BOX production lines, C/Z purple production lines, various types of steel plate machines, and advanced equipment such as plasma cutting machines.

Our steel structure project service scope

1. Structural steel manufacturing, painting, galvanizing, pre-assembly

2. Design, manufacture and installation of prefabricated steel structure buildings.

3. Deepen or design drawings or workshop drawings according to your architectural drawings and architectural drawings

4. Engineering consulting services

Packaging and transportation

All structural components, panels, bolts and accessories will be packaged into standard packages suitable for sea transportation and packed into 40’HQ.

All products are loaded at the loading site of our factory with cranes and forklifts, and our skilled workers are responsible, who will prevent damage to the goods.

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