Angola Prefab Steel Structure Warehouse Shed


Economic Prefabricated Warehouse

The project consists of four buildings. The main two-story building is fully controlled by air-conditioning and air-conditioning, and the Prefabricated Warehouse is equipped with internal and driving devices. Driven buildings use floor radiant heating for heating. The windows on the mezzanine on the east side provide a 24-hour view of the rolled doors inside.

The steel structure warehouse is a new type of building structure system, which is composed of the main steel structure connecting the H section, Z section and U section steel components, roof and walls, using various sandwich panels or corrugated steel color panels, doors and windows and other components. It can be single span, multiple spans, and multiple scenarios with different uses. Steel structure warehouses are widely used in warehousing, logistics centers, distribution centers, etc. As a new type of steel structure building system, steel structure warehouse has the following advantages:

1. Environmentally friendly and energy exchange;
2. The structure is fast and easy to install;
3. The wide span can be 60 meters without intermediate column;
4. Long life span up to 50 years;
5. The magnitude of the stability and earthquake is as high as 9 points.

Steel structure material specifications

Item nameSpecificationMaterial ParameterTechnical Treatment
ColumnH shape,Box,steel pipe,Hot rolled sheetQ235B,Q345BPaint or Hot dip galvanized
BeamH shape,steel Truss,Hot rolled sheetQ235B,Q345BPaint or Hot dip galvanized
BracingSteel rod,Steel pipe,Angle steelQ235B,Q345B 
PurlingC or Z shape, purling Thickness:1.8mm~3.0mmQ235B,Q346BHot dip galvanized
Wall and roof panelEPS,Rock wool,Pu,Glass wool Sandwich panel or Single sheet.Steel T=0.426~0.8mm,insulation T=50~150mmAlu-zinc 150g, Fluorocarbon paint
DoorSliding or rolling doorSteel or Aluminum sheet,T=1.0~1.5mmPaint or Hot dip galvanized
Windowalloy-Glass,Aluminium alloy-shutterT=1.0~2.0mmAlloy
Lighting panelFRP, T=1.5mm or T=1.8mmCoefficient of thermal expansion:2.2×10-5/cm/cm/℃Light transmittance 85%
VentilatorTurbine ventilator, and electric typeSteel,stainless steel,PCPaint or Hot dip galvanized,304
GutterGalvanized or stainless steel plateT=2.0mmHot dip galvanized,304
DownpipePVC pipe,Color steel pipe T=0.5mmΦ110,160,200Paint
BoltOrdinary, high strength10.9S,4.8sHot dip galvanized
Anchor boltSteel rod M24,M27 M30Q235B 
Prefabricated Warehouse&Metal warehouse#kafa

Steel structure production process

Design: The design will be carried out with the customer to provide complete design parameters;
Materials: The raw materials will be prepared according to the material list provided by the engineer;
Cutting: The steel plate will be cut according to the detailed drawings provided by the engineer;
Assembly: Use spot welding to assemble two flange plates and a mesh plate;
Automatic welding: use arc submersible machine to fully weld steel parts;
Straighten: make flange and mesh plate deformed into flat;
Manual welding: welding the connecting plate and the seaweed plate to the main steel parts;
Sandblasting: remove rust on the surface of steel parts;
Painting: antiseptic treatment;
Delivery: packaging, loading and delivery to the construction site;
Installation: Install according to the erection diagram provided by the engineer;
Completion: The entire project is completed.

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