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What is a Prefab Warehouse Building?

Prefab warehouse building mainly refers to the load-bearing members made of steel. Including steel columns, steel beams, steel structure foundations, steel roof frames (of course, the factory span is relatively large, basically all steel frames), steel roofs, and steel structures are built by bolts.

The characteristics of the steel structure workshop are: 

1. The steel structure is light in weight, high in strength and large in span. 

2. The construction period of the steel structure is short, which reduces the investment cost accordingly. 

3. The steel structure has high fire resistance and strong corrosion resistance. 

4. The steel structure building is easy to move, recycling and pollution-free.

We can provide integrated services for such projects, including design, installation, and installation of all steel structural components and roof and wall insulation materials.

Project information of prefab warehouse building

Name Fabricated Steel Structure Warehouse / Agricultural Building Construction​ 
Structure Typeportal frame, single ridge, three span
Eave Height10m
Roof Slope10%
Gable Wall Column Spacing7.5m

75 mm Glass wool sandwich panel

Wall75 mm Glass wool sandwich panel
DoorSliding door
WindowRibbon Skylight
Height difference between indoor and outdoor300mm

Main parts of the steel structures and technical parameters

Main Steel Frame System
Main structureH section steel Q355, alkyd painting, two primary painting, two finish painting.
Roof purlinXZ160*60*20*2.5, galvanized
Wall purlinXZ160*60*20*2.5, galvanized
Intensive boltGrade 10.9
Turn buckle boltM20+2, steel Q235, processing
Anchor boltM24, steel Q235, processing
Ordinary boltGalvanized bolt M20
Ordinary boltGalvanized bolt M12
Brace nutGalvanized bolt M12
Bracing System
Cross braceΦ20 round steel bar Q235, process and painted (alkyd painting)
Angle braceL50*5 angle steel Q235, process and painted (alkyd painting)
Column bracingΦ25 round steel bar Q235, process and painted (alkyd painting)
Tie barΦ127*3 steel pipe Q235, process and painted (alkyd painting)
Batter braceΦ32*2.5, Φ12 round steel bar Q235, process and painted (alkyd painting)
Wall & Roof System
Roof panel75 mm Glass wool sandwich panel
Wall panel75 mm Glass wool sandwich panel
Edge cover0.5mm color plate, angle Alu.
Fittings & accessoriesNails, glue etc.
Unpowered ventilatorDiameter Φ600, stainless steel
Sky lighting band1.2mm FRP, double layer
Sliding doorsandwich panel door
Roof drainage system
Gutter0.5mm color steel plate
Rainspout pipesΦ110 PVC pipe
Prefab Warehouse Building &Metal bulidings
Prefab Warehouse Building for sale

Prefab warehouse building use

Prefabricated steel structure buildings have the advantages of diversity, so warehouse buildings can meet the needs of different projects. In commercial buildings, it can be used as car sheds and exhibition halls; in agricultural buildings, it can be used as metal silos and farmhouses; in industrial buildings, it can be used in workshops.

We designed the warehouse to maximize the use of internal space. There are free pillars in the warehouse, and forklifts can be used freely, which improves warehouse utilization. The prefabricated steel structure warehouse is durable. It can resist rain, snow, wind and other bad weather, and has strong impact resistance. The wall and roof cladding are coated with aluminum compound to prevent rust and prolong service life.

Designing process

Load-bearing design

The design of industrial metal warehouse buildings should consider the carrying capacity of the roof, such as rain and snow bearings, construction loads, and maintenance loads.
For the second floor warehouse or mezzanine warehouse, the real-time load of the floor needs to be calculated. The steel columns and platform beams should have sufficient strength to bear the weight of the stored goods.
Functional load-bearing capacity, material strength, thickness and force transmission method requirements, load-bearing capacity of metal roof, cross-sectional characteristics of layout, etc. The daily maintenance and construction method of steel structure can extend the service life.

Lighting Design

Excellent lighting effect is conducive to energy saving. Otherwise, indoor lighting needs to be completed during the day and night, which undoubtedly increases energy consumption. Steel structure warehouses should pay attention to lighting design, such as designing, arranging daylight panels or installing lighting glass at specific locations on the metal roof, while performing waterproofing work to maximize service life, good lighting effects and natural lighting design.


1. Steel structure has the advantage of light weight. Therefore, infrastructure construction occupies less soil and does less damage to valuable land resources; greatly reduces the use of concrete and bricks, and reduces the excavation of rocks around the city, which is beneficial to environmental protection;

3. When the service life of the building expires, the solid waste generated by the demolition of the building will be reduced, and the recycling price of scrap steel resources will be high.

4. Prefabricated steel structural components can be prefabricated in the factory. This can reduce labor costs, speed up construction, shorten construction period, ensure quality, and improve prefabrication accuracy.

5. After sufficient preparation and heat treatment, the strong and durable steel structure can improve the strength, toughness and safety.

6. The calculation structure is accurate. The steel structure has uniform power and uniform steel strength, which is lower than other materials.

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