Paraguay Steel Warehouse Construction

Prefab Steel Warehouses

Project site: Paraguay Steel Warehouse Construction

Dimension:80*60M*80(Length*width*eave height)

Total weight: 56Tons

Total value: USD 156,000

Fabrication time: 4weeks

Wall: EPS 50MM

Roof:EPS 50MM

Brick wall: 1.2m height

Prefab Steel Warehouses for sale &KAFA
Prefab Steel Warehouses&Steel warehouse

Prefab Steel Warehouses parameters

Main Steel Frame System
Main structureH section steel Q345, alkyd painting, two primary painting, two finish painting
Roof purlinXZ160*60*20*2.5, galvanized
Wall purlinXZ160*60*20*2.5, galvanized
Intensive boltGrade 10.9
Turn buckle boltM20+2, steel Q235, processing
Anchor boltM24, steel Q235, processing
Ordinary boltGalvanized bolt M20
Ordinary boltGalvanized bolt M12
Brace nutGalvanized bolt M12
Bracing System
Cross braceΦ20 round steel bar Q235, process and painted (alkyd painting)
Angle braceL50*5 angle steel Q235, process and painted (alkyd painting)
Column bracingΦ25 round steel bar Q235, process and painted (alkyd painting)
Tie barΦ127*3 steel pipe Q235, process and painted (alkyd painting)
Batter braceΦ32*2.5, Φ12 round steel bar Q235, process and painted (alkyd painting)
Wall & Roof System
Roof panelCorrugated steel plate or sandwich panel (EPS/fiber glass/rock wool/PU)
Wall panelCorrugated steel plate or sandwich panel (EPS/fiber glass/rock wool/PU)
Edge cover0.4mm color plate, angle Alu.
Fittings & accessoriesNails, glue etc.
Unpowered ventilatorDiameter Φ600, stainless steel
Sky lighting band1.2mm FRP, double layer
Sliding doorsandwich panel door
Roof drainage system
Gutter0.8mm color steel plate
Rainspout pipesΦ160 PVC pipe 

Prefab Steel Warehouses Features

Shock resistance

1) The steel structure has excellent flexibility and can offset the energy consumption of seismic waves.
2) Steel is an anisotropic material with high tensile strength, compression resistance, shear strength and elasticity. Especially the steel structure has a unique high flexibility, which reduces the seismic response ability.
3) Steel structure can also be regarded as a relatively ideal seismic structure, which absorbs and consumes seismic input energy through plastic deformation of the structure, and has strong seismic resistance.
4) The weight of steel structure is lighter than other building materials, and the impact of impact is greatly reduced.

Wind resistance: 

steel structure warehouse is light in weight, high in hardness, good overall rigidity, and strong in deformation resistance. The weight of the building is only one-fifth of the brick-concrete structure, and it can withstand a hurricane of 70 meters per second, so life and property are the least protected. In addition, the steel body has strong expandability and plastic deformation ability, and has excellent shock resistance and wind resistance.

Light weight: 

The strength of steel is higher than that of concrete and masonry structures. Compared with concrete structures, steel structures are lighter than concrete buildings. The density of steel is higher than the quality of concrete; the strength-to-density ratio of steel is much higher than that of concrete.


Prefab Steel Warehouses Advantage

Fast delivery

Compared with traditional concrete buildings, precast steel structures can save one-third of the construction time. All-steel fabrics are cut, welded, drilled and painted in the factory. It is convenient for quick assembly and fast transportation on site. The longest transport time for container ships is four to five weeks.


We only use high-strength steel for design and manufacturing to ensure durability and maintain structural integrity, beauty and value for decades.

Extensive interior space

The sturdy steel frame is sturdy and can cover a larger area without the need for internal support columns, which makes warehouse operations more flexible in storing and moving products quickly and efficiently.
If there is no middle column, the transparent span can be as high as 60 meters. The spacious interior space can improve the economic performance of the warehouse, and the owner can easily rent it to others.

Easy to install

The bolts can be connected to the steel structure frame, which is easy to disassemble, transfer and assemble without spending too much cost and has strong fluidity. This is especially important for exhibition projects that are used repeatedly. In traditional wooden structures, there is basically no possibility of movement.

Factors affecting the price of steel structure warehouses

Material price

The central part of the steel structure warehouse is composed of steel, which is composed of different types of steel. Steel accounts for about 70%-80% of the overall structure. Steel prices are affected by market price fluctuations, which directly affect the number of steel structure warehouses.

Design factor

Design factors also affect the price of steel structure warehouses. The design directly determines the amount of steel and the cost of steel warehouse construction. Therefore, the design of the metal warehouse must be rationalized. The main design influences include foundation design, steel beam design, and column distance. When designing, engineers must consider relevant factors to make the design of the entire structure


Different geographical locations determine the difficulty of construction and the quality requirements of various projects, as well as the price factor of cost.

Construction coefficient

Labor cost is also a factor in the installation quality of the entire structure. The length of the construction period is part of the element that affects the value of the prefabricated steel structure warehouse. The skill of the installation workers is the main reason for the long construction period.

The price of prefabricated steel structure warehouse construction involves a wide range of factors and many influencing factors. Raw materials, construction cycle, steel consumption and other issues are all factors that affect the cost of steel structure warehouses.


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