Prefab Steel Structure Warehouse

Prefab steel structure warehouse is a new type of warehouse building. All components are made of steel as raw materials, including steel columns, steel beams, purlins, etc. It has light weight and end of construction period. Features such as strong ability to resist natural disasters. It is the most economically valuable building type and is widely used in various industries. From a long-term perspective, steel structure is the most valuable type of building.

Prefabricated steel structure warehouse design

As a fully customizable building type, steel structure has become the first choice for many industrial, agricultural, and commercial warehouse buildings. We provide free steel structure design. After checking with the customer’s satisfaction, we design components of various shapes and sizes according to the design drawings. Meet all the needs of customers.

Prefabricated Warehouse&Metal warehouse&Kafa
  1. The steel structure warehouse is a metal frame structure. The frame is composed of steel beams and steel columns.
  2. The roof and the wall are connected by a variety of panel components. We provide EPS, rock wool, Pu, glass wool sandwich panels or monolithic
  3. We recommend a triangular curved roof
  4. The doors provide sliding doors or rolling doors made of steel or aluminum plates, and the windows provide metal windows made of aluminum alloy.
  5.  Provide downspout of PVC or color steel pipe.
  6.  Appearance color provides more than 100 options.

Design factors affecting the price of steel structures

  1. Steel structure size: the area is different, the price is also different. Generally speaking, the construction area is about 70% of the actual land area. Calculated at the price of US$100/square meter. The price of 1,000 square meters is 100,000 US dollars. The price of 2000 square meters is 200,000 US dollars.
  2. Lifting requirements: According to special requirements, we provide 5-30T lifting equipment, of course, these need to be purchased additionally.
  3. Automatic fire extinguishing system. In some areas, the climate is dry and fire prevention measures are needed. We provide automatic fire extinguishing sprinkler system.
  4. The price of raw materials. The main material is steel, because the price of steel materials may fluctuate. Prices will increase.

In short: the price of steel structure buildings will fluctuate and needs to be determined according to specific needs

Steel structure advantages

Prefab Steel Warehouses
  1. Large-span: Large-span column-free structure is commonly used, and the column spacing inside the warehouse is 6-9 meters. Realize barrier-free movement in the warehouse.
  2. Good cost-effectiveness: The construction cost of prefabricated buildings is lower, and most of the construction work is completed in the factory, which reduces on-site installation time and personnel costs.
  3. Strong resistance to natural disasters: the steel structure has extremely strong toughness and strength. It can resist strong wind and strong shock without collapsing.
  4. High DIY level: all components, appearance and colors are customized processing. Participate fully.
  5.  Environmentally friendly: all materials can be recycled. No pollution to the environment.

Why choose KAFA manufacturing?

KAFA Manufacturing has ten years of experience in the steel structure industry, and has completed thousands of envy, involving more than 60 countries around the world, currently has a team of 50 people and 10 experienced designers. With rich experience, it can satisfy customers. The need for customization

Prefab Steel Warehouses&warehouse&Kafa

Installation Precautions

  1.  Large-scale lifting gear must be taken care of by a dedicated person, used correctly, and strictly observed. Lifting rules to prevent vibration, impact, deformation or damage during the lifting process.
  2. Special personnel must supervise and inspect the vehicle number and packaging when loading the vehicle, fix it firmly and increase the degree of looseness of the necessary binding parts to prevent loss.
  3.  Maintain stability during transportation. When transporting vehicles, well-trained drivers must be accompanied by responsible personnel. When transporting long, wide, and high objects, they must leave marks on the vehicle.
  4. Rough machining is not allowed. The loading and unloading personnel should be familiar with the handling, weight and size of the parts, and check the operation of the sling and wiring harness to prevent accidents.
  5. Members go to the construction site to organize unloading and stacking in time.
  6.  When handling crawler crane components, pay attention to the surrounding terrain and air conditions to prevent the crawler crane from overturning and component collisions.
Prefab Steel Warehouses

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