Columbia Steel Structure Building For Hockey Stadium

Prefab Steel Frame Description

* Project name: Columbia Steel Structure Building For Hockey Stadium
* Content: structural steel
* Quantity: 162tons
* Total value: 412720usd
* Description: The total investment: 40millon usd, We supply all the structural steel , total weight is 268 Mts.

Structural steel building design for the Columbia Hockey Arena
Structural steel building design for the Columbia Hockey Arena

Steel Hockey Arena Specifications

The metal hockey arena has the characteristics of expansion, low maintenance and reasonable structure. It is made of high-quality steel structure and the size after installation is 120’x220’x20′. It has a high top clearance, which is very suitable for sports and viewing purposes, and it also has a large span design that can eliminate internal obstacles.

The bright white exterior walls and dark green roof finishes give the building a full containment charm. The roof itself has a moderate slope of 2:12 and is made of heavy-duty corrosion-resistant steel. The rated wind speed is 80 mph, which complements Colombia’s variable weather and wind conditions and the building codes of the entire city.

Advantages of Prefab Steel Frame

The religious prefabricated steel frame has little impact on the urban environment. Compared with the concrete structure, the dry structure structure has no dust and noise pollution. Labor saving, less building area, less noise, less dust, especially in the city center or densely populated areas, has significant advantages.

Our factory

Steel workshop drawing & Kafa
Steel workshop drawing & Kafa

What we can do for you ?

  1. supply you the high quality steel structure products with competitive price.
  2. we can design as your detailed requests to ensure our product is only the best for you.
  3. If you have drawings, we could help you modify and optimise it. that will make your design is cost- effective design. make it easy installation and save the material. also need to meet your requests. (that is our unique advantage)
  4. we could supply the installation service. we can send our engineers to help you install the steel structure. and if neccessary we also could send workers to install it, but i do not think that is a good idea to make it cost-effective.
  5. make the tolerance of weight within 6%, (between construction drawings and actual weight).

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