Philippines Multi-Spans Metal Frame Structure Storage Warehouse Building

Prefab Metal Warehouse

Project name: Philippines Multi-Spans Metal Frame Structure Storage Warehouse Building


Content: Structural steel, cladding, windows, doors etc.

Quantity: 1500sqm warehouse + 240sqm office

Total value: USD 158,000

Description: Colorbond sheet 0.5mm thickness

Compared with traditional buildings, steel structure building is a new building structure—the entire building made of steel. The structure mainly comprises steel beams, columns, trusses, and other parts made of thin-walled steel and steel plates. It is connected between parts and parts by welding, bolts, or rivets. The lightweight and simple structures are widely used in large factories, stadiums, super high-rise buildings, and other fields.

Steel Structure Building provides affordable, durable, and low-maintenance solutions for workshops, warehouses, agricultural buildings, garage buildings, and aircraft hangars. Compared to wooden structures, steel is resistant to strong winds, heavy snow, and termites. The interior layout of the metal buildings can be fully customized to meet your needs.

Prefabricated metal warehouse parameters


Main Steel
Steel Beam ColumnQ235B,Q355B
Secondary Steel
Tie BarQ235B
PurlinC and Z purlin
SurfacePainted or Hot Dip Galvanized
DoorRolling Up Door or Sliding Door
WindowPVC or Aluminum Alloy
Roof and Wall Panels

Corrugated Steel Sheet, EPS Sandwich Panel, Rock Wool Sandwich

Panel, PU Sandwich Panel

ServiceDesign, Fabrication and Installation
We can offer quotations according to customers’ drawings and requirements,free design drawings and detailed installation drawings.
Design software: Auto CAD,PKPM,MTS,3D3S, TArch, Tekla Structures(X steel)V12.0, etc.
PackingAccording to customers’ requirements
Prefabricated Metal Warehouse Design

Features and services

Short construction time

The most significant advantage of the steel building is that all components are prefabricated at the factory and installed on-site. It only takes about two months for a small industrial workshop.

Anti-seismic performance

The steel building is a flexible structure and light in weight. It can effectively reduce the seismic response and the impact of the disaster, which is exceptionally beneficial to earthquake.

Suitable for relocation

Once the owner is dissatisfied with the site or unexpected changes in the external environment, the entire steel structure building can demolish in a short period with minimal losses.

Factors affecting the price of Prefab Metal Warehouse

1. Raw material prices
Fluctuations in the price of steel have an important impact on the price of steel structure buildings. The increase in steel prices will directly cause the overall price of steel structure buildings to rise.

2. External load
External loads include wind load, snow load, dead load, and live load. Structural engineers calculate the steel structure based on the external load. If the load is large, the amount of steel used in the structure will increase.

3. The span of the steel frame
The larger span of the steel frame, the greater the amount of steel used per steel frame. More than 30 meters is considered a large width. If the steel frame has a large span and no center pillar, the amount of steel used will increase.

4. Structure
For steel structure buildings with cranes or mezzanine floors, to ensure the safe operation of cranes, steel columns will be increased, and columns of an equal cross-section will be adopted, which will increase the amount of steel used in the building.

5 . Conclusion
The amount of steel used plays a vital role in steel structure buildings. Therefore, structural engineers must optimize the structure as much as possible during the design process while ensuring safety, reducing the amount of steel used, and saving costs.


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