Samoa Steel Structure Shed


Portal Frame Warehouse

Material Q345/Q345B or Q235/Q235B Steel, Straight or Variable cross-section

X-type or V-type or other types bracing made from round, angle pipes etc.

C or Z type: Size from C120~C320, Z100~Z200

Single Colorful Corrugated Steel Sheet

Sandwich panels with Rockwood, Fiber glass, EPS/FOAM, PU etc.

High Strengthen Bolt, Flange Bolt, Self tapping screws,HS Bolt, Normal Bolt, Post feet Bolt.

Skylight Belts, Ventilators, Down Pipe, Rolling or Sliding Door, PVC or Aluminum Alloy Windows, Gutter etc.

Two lays of Anti-rust Paint, Galvanized, painting,

Portal Frame Warehouse for sale-KAFA
Portal Frame Warehouse &Metal warehouse


NamePortal Frame Warehouse parameters
DimensionLengthH beam:400-1500mm

web plate: 6-32mm

wing plate: 6-40mm

coloraccording to customers
sizeMOQ is300m2,wideth*length*eave height

1. low cost but beautiful out look

2. high savety performance

3. easy to assemble and dismantle

4.manufacture under under complete quality control system ISO9001

5. Installation with instruction of experiance engineers.

6. Non-pollution



basecement and steel foundation bolts
Main frameH beam
MaterialQ235B, Q345B or others as customer’s request
PurlinC or Z purlin,size from C120-C320,Z100-Z20
bracingX-type or other type bracing made from angle,round pipe.
boltplain bolt and high strength bolt
Roof&wallsandwich panel and color plate
doorsliding or rolling door
WindowAluminium alloy window
surfacetwo ways of anti-rust painting or hot dip galvanized
Componentssheet0.5mm or 0.6mm galvanized sheet
Accessoriessemi-transparent skyling belts, Ventilators,down pipe,galvanized gutter,etc.


2. steel web frame structure

3. steel H-colum and sheet H-beam

4. Portal frame products

5. high rise building project

6. other steel structure buildings.

PackingMain sheet frame without packing load in 40’OT
Drawingaccording to drawings or according to customer’s requirements.
Design pharameters

If you need design for you, please supply us the following phareters and other detailed size:

1) length,wideth,height,eave height,roof pitch etc.

2) wind load,snow load,raining condition,aseismatic requirments,etc.

3) demand for doors and windows.

4) other information if necessory


Advantages of our steel structure warehouse in Samoa

At the beginning of communication with customers, we will provide customers with some optimized solutions based on our experience to help owners save project investment. We can provide some options for wall and roof systems. You can use a single-layer colored steel cladding or sandwich panel, or you can use a single-layer colored steel plate with insulation cotton. We cut the size of the roof and wall panels and use them directly on site. Nevertheless, the sky part needs to be mowed because this position is inclined; it needs to be treated according to the slope during installation. And we have rich experience in cooperation in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia. We can design a Portal Frame Warehouse suitable for your use according to your current regional environment.

Compared with the concrete structure, the steel structure building is simple to install, there is no noise and dust on site, and does not affect the surrounding environment. 90% of the prefabricated steel structure building materials can be reused, which is of considerable significance to the sustainable development of the situation.

Steel structure advantages

1. Environmental protection

2. Low cost and maintenance

3. Long-term use up to 50 years

4. Stable earthquake resistance level 9

5. Fast construction, saving time and effort

6. Good appearance

7. Easy to assemble and disassemble many times without damage

Design requirements parameters

1. Dimensions: length, width, height, etc.

2. Doors and windows: size, quantity, location.

3. Materials on the roof and walls.

4. Local climate: wind speed, snow load, earthquake magnitude, etc.

5. If you have other requirements, please also notify us.

6. It would be better if you have your own painting. Please send it to me.

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