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Description of Peb Building Construction

Peb Building Construction is a steel structure customized according to the customer’s building and structural requirements. All components are produced in the factory and then assembled in a reasonable and orderly manner on the construction site.

The application of Peb Building Construction has many uses, suitable for industrial, commercial and agricultural construction. Compared with other structures (such as wood structure and concrete structure), steel structure has the advantages of high strength, strong durability, strong versatility, and strong economy. The raw materials of the steel structure are welded together according to the specific requirements of the metal structure building to form.

Peb Building Construction For Sale
Peb Building Construction For Sale

Basic parameters

Main PartsItem NameSpecification
Main Steel FrameSteel Column

Q235B, Q345B

H shape, Box, Steel pipe, Hot rolled sheet

Steel Beam

Q235B, Q345B

H shape, Steel Truss, Hot rolled sheet

Supporting SystemBrace

Q235B, Q345B

Steel rod, Steel pipe, Angle steel

Roof PurlinC or Z shape, Steel purlin
Wall Purlin

Q235B, Q345B

C or Z shape, Steel purlin

RoofSingle colorful corrugate steel sheet, Sandwich panel with EPS, Rock wool, PU, Glass wool etc.,
WallSingle colorful corrugate steel sheet, Sandwich panel with EPS, Rock wool, PU, Glass wool etc.,
AccessoriesBoltsOrdinary, High strength
GutterGalvanized Steel plate, Stainless steel
WindowsAluminum alloy-Glass, Aluminum alloy-shutter, PVC
DoorsSliding or Rolling door
DownpipesPVC pipe, Color steel pipe
Edge CoverMade of color steel sheet thickness 0.5mm
VentilatorStainless steel
CraneCrane in 5 tons to 20 tons

The design of prefabricated metal buildings requires attention

Fire protection design

The disadvantage of steel structure is low fire resistance. Although it will not burn without fire, its mechanical index will change with temperature.

When the temperature reaches 100°C, the tensile strength of steel will decrease and the plasticity will increase.

When the temperature reaches 250°C, the tensile strength of steel will increase slightly, but the plasticity will decrease.

When the ambient temperature reaches 500°C, the strength of the steel will be reduced to a minimum, leading to the collapse of prefabricated metal buildings.

Therefore, when the ambient temperature of the steel structure is higher than 150°C, heat insulation and fire protection must be designed.

Fire protection measures for metal structures:
 1、Spray method

1) The spray method refers to coating a layer of refractory coating on the surface of the metal structure to form a protective film to increase the fire resistance limit of the steel.

2) The coating method refers to the use of calcium silicate board, concrete, brick and other materials to wind the steel structure, and then form a protective layer to increase the fire resistance of the steel.

3) The water spray cooling method refers to the arrangement of an automatic spraying system on the upper part of the steel structure. In the event of a fire, a continuous water film is formed on the surface of the steel structure to protect it.

2. Set the temperature expansion joint 

Temperature changes can cause the prefabricated metal structure to deform, thereby causing thermal stress to the structure. When the plane size of the metal building is significant, in order to avoid high temperature stress, the temperature expansion joint should be set on both sides of the length and width of the metal building.

3. Anti-rust treatment 

Anti-rust treatment of steel structure usually applies anti-rust primary and finishing coatings. The number of coating layers and thicknesses are usually determined according to the environment and coating properties. Generally speaking, under the action of natural atmospheric medium, indoor steel structure requires a paint film thickness of 100μm, namely two layers of primer and two pieces of decorative coating. The open-air steel structure or steel structure is affected by the industrial atmosphere, and the thickness of the paint film is required to be 150μm~200μm.

Peb Building Construction Advantage

Fast constructionSteel structure members are pre-welded, pre-drilled and pre-punched in our factory. Only need to connect by bolts with the accuracy of steel components, no need weld on construction field.
Only need 5 workers to assemble one steel structure building of 1000 sqm within 25 days.
Affordable costRequire less maintenance than concrete building. Averagely, it cost about 50% less than traditional construction. Moreover, 98% of all steel structure can be recycled into new steel products without reducing physical properties.
Anti-seismic and wind resistanceCan withstand grade 8 earthquake, wind resistance 300km/h.
Long service timeMore than 50 years.
Health and safetySteel structure building is manufactured at the factory and rapid installation on the construction site by skilled personnel making steel structure safe. There is very little noise and dust.


> What is the steel materials used for mainframe? 

We apply high strength low calloy structural steel grade Q355B for the mainframe, which ensures the steel building frame strong and durable. 

> Why the overall construction cost of Prefabricated Metal Buildings is lower than the concrete building? 

The steel material price is higher than concrete structure. But the prefabricated metal building can be constructed fastly and easily with lower labor cost. Thus, the overall cost of prefabrcated metal structure building is much more economical and favorable than the concrete building.

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