Prefabricated Commercial Office Building In Australia


Modern Prefab Commercial Buildings Details

Project name: Prefabricated Commercial Office Building In Australia
Content: steel structure, Cladding system, windows
Quantity: 2400sqms
Total value: 254,117usd
Description: 60*40*9m (L*W*H), Architect column, Cladding system: waved 0.6 aluminum sheet. There have 10*12m platform in the Office Building.

Technical Parameters

Main Steel FrameColumnQ235B, Q345B Welded H Section Steel
BeamQ235B, Q345B Welded H Section Steel
Secondary FramePurlinQ235B C and Z purlin
Knee braceQ235B Angle Steel
Tie RodQ235B Circular Steel Pipe
BraceQ235B Round Bar
Vertical and Horizontal SupportQ235B Angle Steel, Round Bar or Steel Pipe
Maintenance systemRoof PanelEPS Sandwich Panel / Glass Fiber Sandwich Panel /Rock Wool Sandwich Panel / Pu Sandwich Panel /Steel Sheet
Wall PanelSandwich Panel / Corrugated Steel Sheet
AccessoriesWindowAluminium Alloy Window / PVC Window / Sandwich Panel Window
DoorSliding Sandwich Panel Door / Rolling Metal Door / Personal Door
Live load on RoofIn 120kg/Sq.m (Color steel panel surrounded)
Wind Resistance Grade12 Grades
Earthquake-resistance8 Grades
Structure UsageUp to 50 years
Finishing OptionsVast array of colors and textures available
Paint OptionsZinc rich epoxy painting, one primary painting, two finish painting (gray paint, red paint, white paint, epoxy zinc etc.) Or Galvanized.


1. Low cost, beautiful prospects

2. High safety performance

3. Easy to assemble and disassemble

4. Installation experienced engineers

5. No-pollution

Features of Modern prefabricated commercial building for car showroom

Modern prefabricated commercial building for office buildings is a work space with products as the main body and auxiliary appearance. The steel structure is the skeleton of the entire Office building. It is the key to high-efficiency molding and is especially important for the effect of hyperopia. The use of steel has many advantages. It has the characteristics of large span, high strength, light weight, good overall rigidity, strong modeling ability, and good internal and external resistance.

Modern prefabricated commercial building has light materials, diverse colors, beautiful appearance, light and generous, and overall modern style. It is currently the first choice for exhibition hall construction.

Modern prefabricated commercial building&commercial building
Modern Prefab Commercial Buildings&commercial building

Features of steel structure exhibition hall

1. Lightweight
2. High reliability
3. Good vibration resistance (impact resistance) and impact resistance steel
4. High degree of industrialization of steel structure manufacturing
5. The steel structure can be assembled accurately and quickly
6. Large indoor space
7. Easy to make a sealed structure
8. Steel structure can be recycled
9. Short construction period

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