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Customised metal workshop buildings

Steel Structure Workshop is a metal workshop assembled using steel kits. Ideal for personal and professional use, it is an extremely robust and durable building that can effectively withstand harsh environments such as hurricanes and snow storms. And with a high degree of customisability, it can be designed in the way you need it. The steel workshop is pre-engineered and machined in the factory, and the finished kit is then delivered to its destination for bolting. This results in a significant reduction in both construction time and cost. Whatever your purpose, the KAFA team can create the perfect workspace for you.

Our Steel Structure Workshop will suit all of your needs.

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The unique advantages of steel workshops

1 . High security

Metal building is a good choice for your workshop building, our metal buildings provide a strong protection for your work and life, KAFA as a professional steel structure manufacturer, we have the right frame configuration for a metal workshop building to cope with strong earthquakes, high winds and other natural disasters in the future.

2 . Durability

A durable metal workshop building saves a lot of time and money and reduces the overall investment cost, KAFA also applies primary and secondary anti-corrosion coatings to enhance the durability of the metal structure, improving its weather and light resistance. The service life can be over 50 years.

3 . Low cost

The building also offers significantly lower construction costs compared to concrete or timber buildings, with lighter weight, lower foundation costs and faster construction. It can be built and commissioned as quickly as possible. The overall economic benefits are far superior to those of concrete construction. Because of characteristics such as durability and the fact that it requires essentially no maintenance, maintenance costs as well as insurance costs can also be greatly reduced at a later stage.

4 . Environmentally Friendly

When building construction is carried out, some dust pollution cannot be avoided and some fines may be faced. In contrast, the corrugated coloured steel sheets and sandwich panels used in metal workshop buildings are energy efficient materials. The steel structure also uses dry construction during the construction process, avoiding the dust and environmental pollution caused by concrete construction.
Steel Workshop-Metal Workshop Building-KAFA

Unlimited applications for steel workshops

Steel workshop buildings have a variety of uses and the ideal workshop building may have a variety of uses, including:

Bespoke options for workshop buildings

After receiving your letter, our professional design team will provide you with a comfortable and safe metal workshop building based on your local climate change, geological type, maximum load-bearing capacity, light requirements, insulation performance and other factors.

1. Load-bearing design: When designing, we will comprehensively consider your lifting requirements, local snow thickness, rainfall, maintenance load and other factors, and select the corresponding frame system to improve the load-bearing performance and load-bearing wall. The thickness can meet your needs.

2. Daylighting requirements: Generally speaking, the area of ​​steel structure workshop is relatively large. Taking full advantage of electric lighting will increase your additional operating costs. Our studio added custom skylights and FRP daylighting panels to solve this problem. Of course, the size of the skylight can be freely chosen. When installing the skylight, we will also ensure the coordination between the skylight and the factory building, and the joints should be waterproof to ensure the seal of the workshop.

3. Moisture-proof treatment: For areas with a lot of rainfall, humidity is the main problem faced by many factories. Our metal structure design is filled with insulation cotton in the roof layer, and a waterproof membrane is added to the roof floor, and there are vents on the roof to ensure smooth steam removal.

4. Lightning protection treatment: You can consider whether the metal structure is safe under thunder and lightning weather? Yes, our designers considered this issue at the beginning of the design. The prefabricated metal building we designed is also equipped with a lightning protection device, which can smoothly guide the lightning to the ground and make the lightning pass through the workshop and into the room.

5. Drainage design: Drain pipes and sinks are installed on the roof to ensure the smooth drainage of rainwater, thereby improving the safety and practicability of the warehouse.

6. Sound insulation performance: The workshop is basically used as a production workshop, so the accompanying noise will be very loud, which will affect the surrounding work and other personnel. Our workshop is built in the interlayer of wall panels, which is filled with insulation cotton to prevent the spread of noise.

7. Ventilation design: In order to ensure the normal circulation of air, we use skylights and vents. In addition, we also use ventilation equipment (buildings or unpowered fans) to assist air circulation in the workshop.

8. Waterproof treatment: You may ask, how is the steel structure sealed and waterproof? In the process of our steel structure, the screw mouth is hidden and fixed with a sealing ring, and the external connection parts are welded or sealed to ensure the airtightness and waterproofness of the workshop.

9. Insulation ability: After the waterproof and sound insulation function is designed. We also need to do a good job in winter insulation, in addition to filling the roof and wall panels with insulation interlayers (glass wool, rock wool), the second is to reduce the reflectivity of the roof layer to heat radiation. Fully guarantee the stability of the temperature in the plant. Improve the comfort of the working environment.

Steel Structure Workshop-Metal Workshop

Steel workshop dimensions

Many workshop owners, when undertaking steel workshop construction, only know the functional details required for a metal workshop, how much equipment, vehicles or items to accommodate. They do not have a clear idea of the exact size of the metal building that should be built. If you are worried about this, then don’t worry, the KAFA team of engineers or experts will take the time to listen to your needs, specific applications and future plans. The KAFA team of engineers or experts will take the time to listen to your needs, specific applications and future plans to create the ideal steel workshop building for you.

Regular workshop buildings range from 40-200 feet in length and 20-80 feet in width, see Steel Building Dimensions for more information on choosing the right size steel workshop for you. Or contact one of our engineers online to create the perfect metal workshop building for you.

Metal workshop buildings for sale at low prices

KAFA Manufacturing offers various types of metal buildings including warehouses, hangars, agricultural buildings, metal buildings with living quarters, churches and other metal buildings. We build using high grade galvanised stainless steel. Save money by purchasing a metal workshop building from KAFA today. Final prices may vary depending on location and customisation options, please see Steel Building Cost for a preliminary price estimate for your workshop.

Trust KAFA to customise your metal workshop building

Contact our metal building specialists online today, we have experienced experts who can help you size your workshop and design a metal workshop building to suit your current needs. We promise to carry out a free metal building design and discuss the details at a later stage to your satisfaction.

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Great experience, they designed the building exactly to my requirements and I would highly recommend them when I need a steel building again.
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One of the best experiences I've ever had, KaFa Fabrication went out of his way to make sure you were happy. He went out of his way to make sure we were satisfied.
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Excellent service, fast and timely response and their low prices for steel buildings.



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